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2017 Brest Bike Festival Internarional

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2014 Brest Bike Festival International

Около 10 тысяч человек собрал в «Орленке» байк-фестиваль Brest Bike Festival International 2014

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Ласточка, Чайка и Гоблин встретились в Бресте


XIV Brest Bike Festival International has collected about 10 000 participants 

№21 (597) 23 – 29 May 2014 Author: Olga SAFRONOVA

Bikers impressed the audience rather complex elements of stunt riding – extreme motorcycle driving  // Photo: Olga SAFRONOVA

Brest International motoforum in 2014 became the most popular in the history of the event. In motoparade attended about 5 000 thousand bikers and came to the festival twice more.

At the camp “Orlenok”, where the main part of the participants based, there was virtually no free space because of affluence of the arranged tents and parked bikes. And it’s a given that many of the guests prefer to stay in hotels, motels or nearby spas. For comparison, last year’s  “Orlenok” visited 2,000 motorcyclists.

First Bike Festival in Brest region took place in 2000, gaining momentum from a few hundred participants to the present scale of many thousands. Now the organizers of the Brest Fest, not without reason, say that their event – one of the largest on the post-Soviet space.

The geography of participants of motofest impresses with its coverage. To Brest get not only our neighbors – Poles, Lithuanians, Russians, but the French, Germans, Spaniards. Many kilometers in order to participate in the festival broke away guests from Mordovia and Kazakhstan.

Entertainment program, which the organizers prepared for the townspeople, traditionally begins with motoparade through the main streets of Brest. On the 24th of May in the city with a roar drove thousands of motorcycles. The show was really exciting. This is not surprising. According to the department of agitation and propaganda GAI ATC Brest Regional Executive Committee, in the paradetookparticipation about 5,000 motorcycles and the column stretched almost 7 kilometers

XIV Brest Bike Festival International gathered about 10 000 participants.

As organizers of the festival told in the wellness center “Orlenok” was registered about
10 000 participants. This influx of bikers attributed to the fact that they understandably preferred the Belarusian fest instead of a meeting held at the same time in Ukraine.

Motoparade continued at the site near the Ice Palace, where, despite the scorching heat, there were a lot of spectators. Rollers and professional riders demonstrated here their skill.
The youngest tamer bike just turned 4 years old, but he virtuoso “skated” his program and tore deserved applause. Adults pilots struck the audience rather complex elements of stunt riding – extreme driving a motorcycle.

Brest Bike Festival International 2014: 7000 bikers under the sun

Brest Bike Festival International 2014: 7000 байкеров под открытым небом21812 просмотров

The 14th Brest Bike Festival International took place on this weekend.  This year was a record for the young, but already famous throughout the Europe, festival for engines on two wheels. And not without reason – this time participated over 7,000 bikers, and stare at the powerful, brutal and unusual bikes came more than 20 thousand spectators. Start of the festival was given on May 23 in the wellness center “Orlenok”, which is 30 kilometers from Brest. But the main part of the celebration was scheduled for the following day – 24th of May. Thus, the second and the most popular day of the festival began at 12:00, when the participants of the meeting in the column (which dragged on for almost two kilometers), accompanied by several crews of GAI, started to run from the “Orlenok” on the route Moscow – Brest Fortress – turn on the “New Bridge “- Warsaw highway – str. July 28 – Moskovskaya str – parking Ice Palace.
At 14:00 bikers arrived at the site of the local Ice Palace, where for citizens was organized the show with an exhibition of motorcycles, performances of  stunt riders (stuntman) and lots of competitions

As regards  to the security at the event – there was a special approach. “At the time of the festival on the roads of the city and region were derived on the duty the maximum number of crews of traffic police – said the deputy chief of GAI in Brest region Yuri Romanovich. – The main goal – the protection and prevention of violations. So, in the last 2 days on the roads of Brest region there were committed three accidents involving motorcyclists. “Surely, therewasn’t without violations: 46 bikers were detained drunken, 17 of them deported.
“The first day was quite calm. There weren’t any special incidents or violations. But the second day was a little more complicated – said the representative of the traffic police. – So, in the morning we stopped about 20 motorcyclists while intoxicated. They were subject to applicable penalties. In general, the most common violation – driving without license plates (responsible for the violation – a fine ranging from 10 to 20 basic units) or a helmet. According to the points already were issued about 80 fines. Of course, it is worth noting that we are working and have direct contact with the organizers of the fest for 14 years. During this time we already have spent some strategies that we have successfully applied. ”

The act continued at 16:00, when the bikers went to the  ‘base’ to get together until the morning under the sound of the rock from the stage,  the barbecue, juice and something stronger to discuss their iron horses, the latest stories from the trips and beautiful girls.

Friends about the Club.

Each time at the entrance to the Belarusian border reminds me a roadside billboard on the border of the State of California: «Welcome to Sun State! » *. After 450 kilometers of gray clouds and rain is wonderful to see how all this abomination breaks through boundaries and in the clear sky above Belarus the sun is shining. But the most amazing thing is that this natural anomaly is repeated almost every year. Regulars pin up the organizers of Brest Bike Festival: “How much costs the weather?” A friend of mine called this festival “Brest utopia.” Indeed, no matter how many times people tried to create something similar to the “island of freedom”, no one attempt was successful.  Nevertheless, on the Earth there are places where people at least for a few days can feel free, to become an equal among equals, to be in his own world. For me, this place was the Brest Bike FestivalInternational, traditionally held by Gold WingClub of Belarus with the support of Rolling Anarchy MCC, and more recently, Gold Wing Club of Moscow. Firstly I came to this event in 2003, and since then it has become a must for me to visit Brest. After the regional motofestival of that time such as Maloyaroslavets, this gathering was for me a kind of revelation with all imaginable positive emotions. Then, seven years ago, with the all the way from Moscow to Brest, I have not met one rider. Now the road E-30 (Ml) reminds the way of motopilgrims. This is an indication! There is an opinion that an increase in the number of visitors any event loses its “sincerity.” As one of my friends said: “Is it really necessary is reaching new heights, if we all do not want to lose that family warmth and atmosphere that makes this weekend the most memorable for the whole year ahead?”. I do not know how, but Brest became an exception from the rule. The organizers tried, managing not only to create but also to preserve this family atmosphere and a real democracy for so many years. No VIP-zones, separate tables, houses and parking for the organizers or anything else for “criminals.” Here are all equal, all together. At the same table you can see representatives of several ethnic groups or clubs. And, tellingly, no ill will and excesses. Here everyone is connected with one world of two wheels and hundreds of kilometers. Traditional sabbatical ride to the city from the venue of the festival to the Brest Fortress has become something of a citywide celebration. Brest residents, young and old poured onto the main street to greet motocolumn. Especially delighted is female half. When you go in the column on Brest, you want to paraphrase a classic: “Screaming girls” Hurrah! ” and throwing panties into the air.” Bikers like Hussars XIX century – come once a year on a three-day furlough, and nine months later in the city is population explosion. Well, what about the action itself, it makes no sense to describe it, it is necessary to plunge. No pictures and stories will give the spirit of what was happening. For me, it’s a cross between a “model of an ideal society,” Thomas More and daring Guliaj Pole, the capital of the Makhnovshchina. And even if only for three days, the motto of the French Revolution becomes reality – “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.” And for the first time the flag Moto utopia raised 10 years ago. As in everything, starting with the creation of the world, “in the beginning was the word.” And the word said Valentine “Milia”: “In Poland, there are so much gatherings! And we are worse than the Poles? Maybe we can muddy something too?.. “And the word was given to Oleg” Nissan “. And in far 2001, the first in the history of Belarus bike festival welcomed its first guests. “Then there were about two hundred people. It was all in a simple way, all together in a large fire. – Says Oleg. – Came almost full  Polish “Gold Wing Club», about 70 people. The fact that in 10 years we will have to meet more than 3,000 guests no one could imagine! “Originally, the event was conceived as a” Gold Wing Festival”.  But soon it passed from binding to a specific brand. “We decided not to get hung up, because we have a lot of friends, and they go on different motorcycles. – Says Vitali “Kashej.” – For the second Fest called «Gold Wing & Friends», and in 2003 became simply “Bike Festival”. While the first two are more reminiscent of small parties, the 2003 gathering becomes massive fest. “Over the past 10 years Brest have visited guests from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, the Baltic states, from all over the Europe and even the USA! What brought them here? What makes come again and again? Yes, all the same spirit of traveling and two-wheeled fraternity, which are trying to achieve many motorcycle show, but unfortunately, not everyone can. Organizers of the “Brest” – succeeded. Managed to create, and, most importantly, save. God forbid, guys! Keep it up!