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14 May

Answers to frequently asked questions on the 2019 BBFI.

Dear friends and guests of the Festival!

For not to repeat in comments we made this list of short answers from organizers of 2019 Best Bike Fest International

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Days of Event? 24-26 of May 2019

Where is BBFI and how do you get to it?  BBFI takes place as usual in “Orlenok” – Brest region, Zhabinka district, the tract “Sosnovy Bor”.  For Google-maps users – link

Link with geolocation

Ticket costs? You can buy a ticket at the entrance to the territory of the festival. Payment is only in cash! Price for the ticket is 30 Belarusian rubles. One ticket for all days of the event! It doesn’t matter when you bought the ticket and for what time – there is one price for all. Period of validity is from 9.00 a.m 24 of May 2019 till 14 p.m. 26 of May 2019. For Lady’s riding a motorcycle – free entrance after showing your driving license with category A. On the territory you can pay only in national currency! No exchanges on the territory. So, please, think about this before coming to us.

Children on festival? Organizers recommend not taking children to the festival because of the safety. We will be thankful if you leave them at home. If you don’t have any other opportunity as only to take the child to the event: children under 10 years have free entrance, more senior than this age come as adult. Before 16 years – entrance only with parents!

Payment for tent? It is free

What is the program of the event?

Whether it is possible to burn down fires? Yes, you can, BUT in special made places or on grills. Organizers will help you with firewood

Can you bring your own alcohol on the festival? There will enough points of public catering with beer and other alcohol products on the fest territory. Alcohol bringing to the territory will be under the police control.

Where can you buy a t-shirt with fest logo? There will be shopping area where you can find t-shirts, patches, badges, souvenirs, etc. The same there will be showed our partners with their own production.

13 May

Program of 2019 BBFI.

Friday, 24th of May
9.00 – Arrival of guests to campsite “Orlenok”. Inscription open
18.00 – Ceremonial opening of BBFI 2019
19.00 – “Rastenie_Mudrosti”
20.00 – “Черный квадрат” cover-band “Кино”
21.00 – “TimeSquare”
22.00 – Competition program.
23.00 – “Огонь Оркестр”
23.45 – “PLUM BUM”.

Saturday, 25th of May
10.00 – Morning Exercises
11.00 – Organization of motorcolumn for Parade
12.00 – Start of the motocolumn to Brest city.
12.30 – Parade through the Brest city.
13.30 – Demonstration performances of stuntman.
14.00 – Moto competitions.
17.00 – Returning to the campsite “Orlenok”
18.00 – “Вася Обломов”
19.00 – “Пьер Эдель”
20.00 – “Гражданин Топинамбур”
21.00 – “NIZKIZ”
22.00 – “Дай Дорогу”
23.00 – Pyrotechnic Show
23.45 – “Госнадзор” cover-band “Ленинград”

Sunday, 25th of May
11.00 – Morning Exercises
12.00 – Closing of BBFI 2019

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