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30 Apr

Cancel the festival 2020.

Dear friends and guests of Brest Bike Festival International!
With a heavy heart, we are forced to admit that 2020 Brest Bike Festival International should be canceled. Moving to other dates in 2020 is impossible for many reasons.
This decision was difficult for us, and until the last moment we believed that the situation with the pandemic in the world would be changed. We value the safety of our guests above all and in the current circumstances we cannot guarantee it.
Many European countries canceled all cultural events for 2020, and also prohibited tourists from visiting their countries even after quarantine will be lifted.
The BBFI’s motto, “A World Without Borders!”, must work fully. In the format of closed borders from all sides of the Republic of Belarus, the holding of the festival does not correspond to the main goals and values of the event. Brest Bike Festival International is an international festival and it should remain so!
We regret that we cannot organize a meeting of our friends at Brest Bike Festival International in 2020 in the official format, but Brest, its residents, motorcyclists and organizers are waiting for all of you in 2021, on the last weekend of May … nobody canceled the BBFI anniversary!
Stay safe and healthy!
Your BBFI Organizer Team.

05 Feb

Call Centre Polska – Brest Bike Festival International.

Drodzy przyjaciele i goście naszego festivalu! Mieszkańcy Polski mogą otrzymać oficjalną informację o Brest Bike Fest International pod numerem telefonu +48791842750/

Дорогие друзья и гости нашего фестиваля! Жители Польши могут получить всю официальную информацию о Brest Bike Festival International по номеру телефона +48791842750.
15 Jan

Booking 2020 BBFI.

Accommodation at the festival: Mila
Tel .: +375 29 6719216, Viber, WhatsApp

11 Jan


2020 Brest Bike Festival International.
Visa Support: Anna
viber +38 068 9492230,

14 May

Answers to frequently asked questions on the 2019 BBFI.

Dear friends and guests of the Festival!

For not to repeat in comments we made this list of short answers from organizers of 2019 Best Bike Fest International

Find our news on and on our official pages






Days of Event? 24-26 of May 2019

Where is BBFI and how do you get to it?  BBFI takes place as usual in “Orlenok” – Brest region, Zhabinka district, the tract “Sosnovy Bor”.  For Google-maps users – link

Link with geolocation

Ticket costs? You can buy a ticket at the entrance to the territory of the festival. Payment is only in cash! Price for the ticket is 30 Belarusian rubles. One ticket for all days of the event! It doesn’t matter when you bought the ticket and for what time – there is one price for all. Period of validity is from 9.00 a.m 24 of May 2019 till 14 p.m. 26 of May 2019. For Lady’s riding a motorcycle – free entrance after showing your driving license with category A. On the territory you can pay only in national currency! No exchanges on the territory. So, please, think about this before coming to us.

Children on festival? Organizers recommend not taking children to the festival because of the safety. We will be thankful if you leave them at home. If you don’t have any other opportunity as only to take the child to the event: children under 10 years have free entrance, more senior than this age come as adult. Before 16 years – entrance only with parents!

Payment for tent? It is free

What is the program of the event?

Whether it is possible to burn down fires? Yes, you can, BUT in special made places or on grills. Organizers will help you with firewood

Can you bring your own alcohol on the festival? There will enough points of public catering with beer and other alcohol products on the fest territory. Alcohol bringing to the territory will be under the police control.

Where can you buy a t-shirt with fest logo? There will be shopping area where you can find t-shirts, patches, badges, souvenirs, etc. The same there will be showed our partners with their own production.

13 May

Program of 2019 BBFI.

Friday, 24th of May
9.00 – Arrival of guests to campsite “Orlenok”. Inscription open
18.00 – Ceremonial opening of BBFI 2019
19.00 – “Rastenie_Mudrosti”
20.00 – “Черный квадрат” cover-band “Кино”
21.00 – “TimeSquare”
22.00 – Competition program.
23.00 – “Огонь Оркестр”
23.45 – “PLUM BUM”.

Saturday, 25th of May
10.00 – Morning Exercises
11.00 – Organization of motorcolumn for Parade
12.00 – Start of the motocolumn to Brest city.
12.30 – Parade through the Brest city.
13.30 – Demonstration performances of stuntman.
14.00 – Moto competitions.
17.00 – Returning to the campsite “Orlenok”
18.00 – “Вася Обломов”
19.00 – “Пьер Эдель”
20.00 – “Гражданин Топинамбур”
21.00 – “NIZKIZ”
22.00 – “Дай Дорогу”
23.00 – Pyrotechnic Show
23.45 – “Госнадзор” cover-band “Ленинград”

Sunday, 25th of May
11.00 – Morning Exercises
12.00 – Closing of BBFI 2019

28 Jan

Location of the camp in 2017 Brest Bike Festival International

The wellness center “Orlenok” – a place of camp-based and the main activities of the 2017 Brest Bike Festival International. For our regular guests, place of the meeting –  former!  Location: Brest region, Zhabinka district, the tract “Sosnovy Bor”. The wellness center “Orlenok” is located in a pine forest on the bank of the river Mukhavets in Zhabinka district, 30 kilometers from the city of Brest.  The link for coordinates:
Безымянный рисунок1

Google Maps

25 Apr

III International Gold Wing Treffen in Belarus

Date: 23-26 of July 2015

Place: Brest Regional Centre of Olympic Reserve in Rowing
October Revolution str 2, Brest 224011, Belarus

Google Maps:

Accommodation: camping on the territory of the Treffen, hotels of Brest
Interrep: Zelezinskaya Elena
+375 297958336
Chairman: Kripinevich Oleg
+375 296427028

08 Apr

Excursions for guests of Brest Bike Festival International 2015

On Friday 5/29/2015 within BBFI is scheduled free excursion for our guests in a comfortable tour bus, with a guide, along the route, which we must choose with you. Vote in formal groups and social networks:




Option №1:

Sightseeing tour of Brest.

Brest – an ancient city on the border between Belarus and Poland (first mentioned in 1019!). The city has a long and rich history: the first from Belarusian cities he received Magdeburg Law; here in 1596 was concluded Brest Church Union, uniting the eastern and western branches of Christianity; also here lived many outstanding people. In 1921 Brest became a part of Poland, and in September 1939 – the USSR. You will walk along the picturesque main street of the city.

Visiting Brest Fortress (built in 1842),survey of the majestic memorial “Brest Fortress” bastions, caserns, sculptures and the Museum of Brest Fortress, housed in an old casern on the central island of fortress – Citadel.

Entrance fees to museums acquire guests at their own account.

Option №2:

Excursion to the Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

Listed in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Today it is – the National Park, which combines the rich flora and amazing landscapes. Here grows the tallest spruce of Europe, pushcha is home to the powerful aurochs, here is an amazing variety of fauna. In the Park you can visit the Museum of Nature, Residence of Father Frost  – fabulous estate with numerous buildings and surprises… You can visit aviaries with animals. In the town of Kamenec there is a majestic tower-donjon 30 meters high, built at the end of the XIII century. Entrance fees to museums acquire guests at their own account.

Seats in the bus are limited, pre-registration is required, experts will be glad to your calls:

English – Elena +375297216085

Polish – Karina +375297954670

Russian – Yuri +37527209008

Anna +375296282008

Ltd. “Janka» is the official travel partner Brest Bike Festival International 2015.

Location: Republic of Belarus, 224005, Brest, Komsomolskaya str. 6, ap.121


Assistance in booking accommodation while visiting Brest Bike Festival International, multi-lingual support for guests.

Individual and organized tours to the sights of Brest region during the festival.

07 Mar

Follow us on Twitter

Friends, we are in the Twitter

Our priority is to maximize promptly informing you about our events and news. Subscribe to @MotoBrest – solution to the problem!

16 Feb

Coordinates for Navitel – «Орлёнок»

The wellness center “Орлёнок” – the place of the main activities of the 2015 Brest Bike Festival International

Location: Brest region., Zhabinka district, the tract “СосновыйБор”

The wellness center “Орлёнок” is located in a pine forest on the banks of the River Mukhavets in Zhabinka district, 30 kilometers from the city of Brest.

Pine forest, which is the center, is eco-friendly area. Coniferous fragrance that impregnated the air, promote relaxation and restoration of health, strengthen the nervous and immune systems. Beautiful nature, peace and quiet will allow escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Coordinates for Navitel

877849_Screenshot_2015-02-16-21-37-39 862220_Screenshot_2015-02-16-21-37-27 202166_Screenshot_2015-02-16-21-39-18



10 Feb

Travel partner Brest Bike Festival International 2015

Dear ladies and gentlemen!
It is important to share with you the history of the city and the country.

Ltd. “Janka” travel partner Brest Bike Festival International 2015
Assistance in booking accommodation while visiting Brest Bike Festival International, multi-lingual support for guests.
Individual and organized tours to the sights of Brest region and during the festival.
You will be happy to experts:
English – Elena +375297216085
Polish – Karina +375297954670
Russian language – Yuri +37527209008
Anna +375296282008
Location: Republic of Belarus, 224005, Brest, st. Komsomolskaya, 6-121

10 Feb

Visa support

Dear friends!
Important information for visiting Brest Bike Festival International in 2015!!!
For our friends we are providing visa support as an invitation for a visa at the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus. To do this, you must send a request to Elena Zelezinskaya GoldWing Club Members are in the priority. To obtain extra information for English-speaking friends +375 297958336 Elena Zelezinskaya or

08 Feb

Official page on social networks

Dear friends!
We are pleased to welcome you to the official BBFI groups in VKontakte, Facebook, OK group http: // ok. ru / group / 52065772568720
Firsthand date and reliable information about events.

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