15 Easy Ways To Watch Movies Together Online With Friends (2024)

So you want to watch movies together online with friends or family but don’t know where to start.

We’ve got you covered.

In this guide we’re going to show you the easiest ways to gather anyone together and:

  • Watch any content
  • While video chatting & messaging
  • From anywhere in the world, and
  • Perfectly in sync!

The best part? Many options are completely free.

Let’s get stuck in!

15 Easy Ways To Watch Movies Together Online With Friends (1)
  • Go Old School
  • Kast
  • Rave
  • Teleparty
  • Disney+ GroupWatch
  • Hulu Watch Party
  • Scener
  • TwoSeven
  • MyCircle TV
  • Amazon Prime Watch Party
  • Twitch Watch Party
  • Discord Live Streaming
  • MetaStream
  • Plex Watch Together
  • Watch2Gether
  • Now It’s Your Turn

How to Watch Movies Together Online in 2024

1. Go Old School

Before all the gadgets and apps there was the old school way for long distance friends to watch movies together online, which usually included Skype and their laptops.

How to Watch Movies With Friends Online “Old School” Style

Going old school, you and your friends just need to be on a video or voice call and countdown to press play at the same time. Just note that it can get tricky in larger groups, but works well for small friend groups or couples.

We think it’s perfect for older laptops that cannot handle the technology of the newer simultaneous movie-watching programs.

Going old school also allows friends to browse on different platforms. Making it a great option for international friend groups who may have different streaming services in their country.

Not sure what to watch? Check out our list of popcorn worthy long distance relationship movies for couples to watch together from afar.

2. Kast

Kast allows groups to watch movies and television together and chat or video call as they watch.

The service is free to use when watching content from Tubi and Youtube. But does require a paid subscription to access Kast’s dedicated content. If the organizer has a subscription with content access, they can stream the content for the other users.

For those of you wanting to watch movies together online, it’s their screen sharing capabilities that you’ll want to take advantage of.

To note: Screen sharing is now a part of Kast’s paid plan. There is a one-day free trial but you do need to enter your card details to get access.

How to Watch Movies Together Using Kast

  • Once signed in, you can create a group watch party by pressing the “+” icon next to “My Parties”.
  • Then, invite other Kast subscribers to join the party by pressing the icon in the screen’s top left hand corner. This invites your friends via a URL that Kast sends out.
  • Once your friends have joined the watch party, click the TV icon at the bottom of your watch party screen. This allows you to pick between Kast, Tubi, or YouTube TV and stream the content to your watch party group.

We like that all group members can participate in the chat and streaming no matter the device they are using (desktop or smartphone). It’s also worth noting that groups of up to 20 can participate in a screen sharing viewing party while groups of up to 100 can watch Kast’s streaming content.

3. Rave

Rave is one of the only streaming platforms on the market that allows you and a group of friends to sync your streaming services and watch together.

We love this options because it’s not only free, but friends can join ‘raves’ and watch content from streaming service they’re not subscribed to. Only one user needs an active subscription!

To note: The most popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Prime, Disney+, and more are all supported.

How to Watch Movies Together Using Rave

  • Rave requires their subscriber to login where they can create a “rave” or watch party. First download the desktop or mobile app from their website.
  • Once registered using a Google, Facebook, or Twitter account, you can begin adding friends through the “Friends” section under the menu icon. You can also add friends to the watch party via the “+” icon.
  • Friends can join the watch party once they have downloaded the desktop or mobile app and registered.
  • Then all you need to do is decide what to watch on your preferred streaming service!

Rave also offers a few other unique services like Rave DJ. Users can mash up music from their Spotify accounts to create new mixes to share with their friends.

It’s worth noting that the Rave app requires users to sign in with their Facebook or Gmail accounts as well as share their streaming services’ account information. The developers are not clear about what happens with the data they collect in this process.

Want to add a few new tunes to your Spotify account? Check out our post on the best long distance relationship songs for your next playlist (lyrics included).

4. Teleparty

Teleparty, formerly Netflix Party, is one of the most popular video synchronization services due to its easy set up and the fact that it is free!

The catch is that your friends need to subscribe to the streaming service you choose to watch. However, most people already have multiple streaming subscriptions, so finding one you have in common shouldn’t be an issue.

How to Watch Movies Together Online with Teleparty

  • Firstly you need to install the Teleparty Chrome Extension, then open a video in either Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, or Disney +.
  • To create a Teleparty, click on the TP logo in the top right hand corner of your Chrome browser.
  • It will then show you a URL to copy and send to your friends to join the party and watch with you.

An in-app messaging system lets group members chat in real time about the show or movie.

The best part? The chat box appears on the right of the screen and Teleparty automatically shrinks the video viewer window to accommodate the box. This way, friends can chat without missing any of the action.

5. Disney+ GroupWatch

The Disney+ GroupWatch service allows Disney+ subscribers to watch their favorite shows and movies in sync at no additional cost.

Of course you must have a Disney+ account to participate in a watch party. Though this does alleviate security threats and makes the setup process much easier.

How to Watch Movies Together with Disney+ GroupWatch

  • All you have to do is log into your Disney+ account, find what you want to watch.
  • Then select the “GroupWatch” icon on the “Details” page.
  • After you’ve created a GroupWatch, you can click the “+ INVITE” icon to get a link that you can send to your friends.

The ability to sync the GroupWatch party through the actual TV instead of via a mobile device or computer is unique compared to some of the other group streams on this list.

6. Hulu Watch Party

Hulu Watch Party has a similar setup to Teleparty, but without the hassle of installing a web browser extension.

Up to eight subscribers synchronize their movie or TV show and chat at the same time.

How to Watch Movies Together with Hulu Watch Party

  • Go to hulu.com on your computer and find a movie or show you and your friends would like to watch.
  • Click the “Watch Party” “15 Easy Ways To Watch Movies Together Online With Friends (2)” icon to start your watch party.
  • To invite friends, click the chain icon, which gives you a link to send to your group.

To use this service, all group members must subscribe to Hulu to participate in the Watch Party.

Currently, Hulu Watch Party is only available in the United States. If a group has friends outside the country, they must use a VPN to mask their location and appear to be in the U.S.

7. Scener

Scener has a similar model to Rave, however they require all participants to have subscriptions to the streaming service they synchronize.

Compared to the other services on this list, Scener supports the most streaming platforms. Including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Prime Video, Hotstar, Hulu, Funimation, Alamo On Demand, Shudder and YouTube.

How to Watch Movies Together Using Scener

  • Subscribers need to install the Scener Chrome Extension.
  • On Scener’s homepage, click “Host a Watch Party”.
  • Then select the “Room” option on the next page.
  • You can easily invite up to ten friends using the room URL.

All members have access to the chat room as well as video and audio chat features.

Though country-dependent content on streaming platforms is an issue for Scener, they offer some solutions (Netflix originals are usually available everywhere!) and movie rentals through the streaming services themselves.

8. TwoSeven

TwoSeven lets users synchronize their streaming from Netflix, Crunchyroll, Apple TV, YouTube, Vimeo, and Amazon Prime. They offer messaging and video chat services allowing you to chat and react to what you’re watching in real time.

How to Watch Movies Together Using TwoSeven

  • First, navigate to TwoSeven’s homepage and click the button that says “Get Started”.
  • Once logged in, simply hit “Start Watching” on the top of the screen to create a room to watch in with your friends.
  • A pop up menu will give you options for participant abilities as well as provide a place for you to invite friends who already use TwoSeven.
  • You can invite friends who have not yet signed up for TwoSeven using the unique URL after creating a room.
  • Once your friends have joined, you can press play on your queued video.

A unique feature we love is users can share and synchronize personal video files. According to reviews this has helped teachers show movies in online courses as well as long distance couples rewatch their favorites that are not offered on streaming services.

While the service is ‘free’. To use Hulu, Disney+, and Screenshare, users need to be a patron and donate to the website for maintenance and continued development.

TwoSeven also has international limits on what you can stream depending on the streaming platforms’ national availability.

9. MyCircle TV

MyCircle TV differs from the other platforms we’ve mentioned as it allows users to upload their own content if they have it on file. This means that all the movies you bought on iTunes years ago can come back for movie nights!

How to Watch Movies Together Using MyCircle TV

  • Create a room with the content you want to watch by adding a URL or by uploading your own file.
  • Clicking the “INVITE” button on the header of the homepage to invite your friends.
  • The INVITE button generates a unique link for your specific room that you can send to your friends. Your friends do not need to register or sign up to watch on MyCircle TV.

Though a free service, MyCircle TV only hosts content from YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud. This is limiting to groups that want to watch movies or binge a TV show together and don’t already have the movie on a hard drive file.

10. Amazon Prime Watch Party

Similar to Disney+, Amazon Prime Watch Party lets Prime Video subscribers watch their content in sync while also being able to chat via their messaging service.

How to Watch Movies Together Using Amazon Prime Watch Party

  • Simply find what you want to watch on your Amazon Prime account.
  • Click the “Watch Party” icon on your screen.
  • Then, you only need to share the URL with your friends.

While all members need to be Prime subscribers, if you do wish to ‘rent’ a movie or show that isn’t covered by the basic plan. Only one group member has to cover the cost, making new releases super affordable.

11. Twitch Watch Party

Twitch Watch Party allows Twitch streamers and users to watch and react to movies and TV shows in real time. For friend groups of current Twitch creators, this is a great way to hang out and create content!

This platform was primarily created for creators as a way to shake up their content and engage differently with viewers.

How to Watch Movies Online Using Twitch Watch Party

Because this platform is only available for Twitch creators, the set up is a little bit more involved.

  • First, you must add “Watch Parties” to your Quick Action menu via the Stream Manager in the Creator Dashboard.
  • Then you authorize your device and sign into your Prime account where you can pick a video to stream.
  • Once you have connected your webcam and audio, you can name your stream and begin the watch party for your steamers to join.

As Twitch is owned by Amazon, it only offers movies and TV shows from Prime Video.

12. Discord Live Streaming

Discord Live Streaming or Go Live is a free way for Discord users and friend groups to connect and live stream their screens. This is a great way to share videos, movies, and TV shows from any streaming platform with your friends!

This platform also allows users to speak to each other as they live stream. Right now, up to 10 people can join a live stream, but Discord is currently in the process of raising that limit to 50.

How to Watch Movies Together Using Discord Live Streaming

It can be confusing to set up if you are not already familiar with Discord. The platform itself uses a lot of Discord-specific jargon, though their comprehensive help section does have clear instructions for setting up a live stream.

If you know your way around Discord, then it will be fairly easy!

  • Simply choose a voice channel in your discord and press the screen streaming icon.
  • You will then choose the screen you would like to share.
  • Once you click “Go Live”, your stream is available to anyone in that discord channel.
  • To get your friends to join your stream, simply have them navigate to the correct voice channel and click the “Go Live” icon in the left menu next to the channel.

This is a great option for international friend groups as they won’t run into the issue of content not being available in their country. Only the person running the live stream needs access to streaming services.

13. MetaStream

MetaStream is a fast, easy and free way to watch videos from across the web with your friends. You also don’t need to register to use the service!

We like their URL queues allowing users to add multiple URLs from across the web into a queue. With each piece of content playing automatically after the other.

How to Watch Movies Together Using MetaStream

  • First, to use MetaStream, you need to be using Chrome or Firefox.
  • Once on MetaStream’s website, type in your display name and click “Get Started”.
  • On the next screen, click “Start Session”.
  • From there you can invite your friends via the “Invite” button that generates a unique link for your room.
  • To add content to your stream, click “Add Media” in the center of your screen. Here you can paste the URL for any video that is online.

The platform sometimes has technological issues depending on the browser and streaming service you are using. But it’s widely known to work best with Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Twitch, and Crunchyroll.

14. Plex Watch Together

Plex Watch Together lets friends connect in a watch party and watch any media they have in their Plex library or that Plex offers.

What’s really cool is that the service is available on most smart TVs so you can watch content on a bigger screen than other web browser players allow.

How To Watch Movies Together Using Plex Watch Together

  • Navigate to Plex’s preplay screen. There you will see a three-dot icon representing the “More” button.
  • Click this button and then select “Watch Together”, which will begin your watch party.
  • To invite friends, you need to have first added them on Plex. You will then be prompted to add them to your watch party. If you are not yet friends on the service, you can simply send a friend request.

Most of Plex’s major selling points are behind a $4.99/month paywall. The Plex Pass gives users access to live TV channels as well as DVR, which is great for friends who meet weekly for reality shows or sport events.

Though Plex doesn’t offer any streaming services outside of their own, you can play files from your personal media library in your watch party.

We love that Plex also offers Plex VR, a way to connect in virtual reality with your friends. This is an awesome way to engage and socialize from afar.

15. Watch2Gether

Watch2Gether not only lets you and your friends synchronize movies and other content on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Disney +. You can also browse sites like YouTube or Vimeo.

Like other options, this free option provides friends with an integrated chat room. Some users use the code and screen share options for online role play games while adding the video file URLs for sound effects or background music.

How to Watch Movies Together Using Watch2Gether

  • Create a room and share the URL with your friends.
  • Once everyone is in, you can begin to create a queue using any video file that has a URL.
  • The URL can be pasted in the search bar. Depending on the video, you may need to download a browser extension to watch.

While the synchronization feature is free, all users need a subscription to the streaming platform where the content is being shared from. To get around this, you can use their “Screenshare” feature, where only one user needs an active subscription.

Now It’s Your Turn

Now that you know all the coolest and easiest ways to watch movies together online, it’s time to plan a movie night!

Message your friends to find out what they want to watch and find the service that best fits your needs. Whether it’s a movie, show or live stream event, you are now well equiped to find a way to watch it online together.

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