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  • 22 jun 2024 · Treasure island infostation. Treasure Island Developers Suing Each Other Amidst Allegations of Fraud, Breach of Contract Treasure island ...

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  • 26 mrt 2024 · ... treasure, etc. These signs are in German only. Lange Anne. The Lange Anne is the northern end of the island, so I continued the loop on the ...

  • Helgoland is Germany's only high seas island. With a variety of wildlife you can only see here, it's worth a visit at any time of year!

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13. IN DEFENSE OF “TRASHY TRAILERS” …by Jim Stiles (ZX#65)

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Infostation Treasure Island (2024)


What happened in chapter 29 of Treasure Island? ›

Summary: Chapter 29

Jim and Silver await the end of the pirates' council. One of the pirates hands Silver a black spot, the official pirate judgment, cut out of a page of the Bible. Silver casually reads the judgment, which announces that he has been deposed from his position as a punishment for bungling the mission.

What is Chapter 21 of Treasure Island called? ›

Chapter 21 of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island is called 'The Attack.

What happened in Chapter 33 of Treasure Island? ›

Summary: Chapter 33

Jim coldly accuses Silver of changing sides again. The men dig in the pit and find a few coins. One of them accuses Silver of having known all along that the treasure was gone. The angered pirates suddenly seem united against Silver and begin to move upon him.

What happened in Chapter 32 of Treasure Island? ›

In Chapter 32 of Treasure Island, the pirates are taking a rest and hear a shrill voice call twice from the woods. The first time it sings a pirate song; the second time, it repeats Captain Flint's last words. Silver determines that it is the voice of Ben Gunn, whom nobody cares about anyway.

What happened in chapter 30 of Treasure Island? ›

In Chapter 30 of Treasure Island, Dr. Livesey comes to tend to the injured pirates and then asks to speak with Jim alone. Long John Silver agrees as long as Jim promises to not run away.

What happened in Chapter 27 of Treasure Island? ›

Jim Hawkins, having taken over the nearly unmanned Hispaniola, has battled with the only other man on board, Israel Hands. A fight between Jim and Hands leaves Jim badly wounded and Hands shot. Jim finds himself now staring down at the water, where Israel Hands surfaces once before sinking into the ocean.

What is chapter 25 about in Treasure Island? ›

Chapter 25 of 'Treasure Island' shows Jim's taking over of the Hispaniola. On deck, he finds that the only other man alive is wounded and in need of brandy, and the rest of the ship is in disorder with little supply left.

What is chapter 23 about in Treasure Island? ›

In Chapter 23 of 'Treasure Island', Jim takes Ben's boat out to the Hispaniola and cuts away the ties to the anchor. While working, he hears Israel Hands and the man in the red night cap screaming in a drunken rage at one another and other pirates singing around a campfire.

What happened in chapter 26 Treasure Island? ›

In Chapter 26, Jim and Israel Hands are on the Hispaniola. Jim spies on Israel when he thinks he's below deck and Jim sees that Israel proves more mobile than he thought and is armed with a knife. Under Israel's direction, Jim steers the ship almost to shore and Israel attempts to stab him.

What happened in chapter 20 Treasure Island? ›

In 'Silver's Embassy', which is chapter 20 of Treasure Island, Long John Silver and another pirate arrive at the stockade to negotiate a treaty between the mutineers and Captain Smollett. Smollett doesn't trust Silver so his men stand guard as Silver offers to let them live if they hand over the treasure map.

What happened in chapter 34 of Treasure Island? ›

Lesson Summary

They've left three pirates marooned on Treasure Island. While recruiting more men for the Hispaniola crew, so they can get home, Silver sneaks off the ship with a sack of coins and a boat and is never heard from again. When they get home, the treasure is divided and the men go their separate ways.

What happened in chapter 24 of Treasure Island? ›

Summary: Chapter 24

Jim decides to try to make his way toward a friendlier shoreline to the north. After much effort he finally reaches the cove he has aimed for, his throat burning from thirst. He spots the Hispaniola drifting aimlessly and concludes that the crew either is entirely drunk or has deserted the ship.

What is chapter 22 of Treasure Island about? ›

Lesson Summary

Livesey leaves to search for Ben Gunn, and Jim Hawkins sneaks away to find Gunn's boat. Jim sneaks along the spit until he can see the Hispaniola anchored offshore. He spots Long John Silver and an unknown man in a red hat alongside the ship in a gig preparing to go ashore.

What is chapter 17 about in Treasure Island? ›

Chapter 17 of Treasure Island involves the captain and those with him leaving the ship and transporting all the supplies they can to the shore. The boat is overloaded though and the boat takes on water as the currents throw them off course.

What happened in chapter 21 of Treasure Island? ›

Summary: Chapter 21

Gray and Squire Trelawney fire on the pirates, wounding several of them. A fight ensues, and in the end, Smollett, Dr. Livesey, Jim, and most of the others return safely to the stockade, having lost fewer men than the mutineers.

What happens in the final chapter of Treasure Island? ›

The final chapter of Treasure Island brings Jim and the remaining members of the crew of the Hispaniola from Treasure Island back to their homes after porting in Spanish America. They've left three pirates marooned on Treasure Island.

Who brought Billy Bones the Black Spot? ›

Early in the story, a blind beggar arrives at the Admiral Benbow Inn and asks Jim to lead him to Billy Bones. However, the beggar, Blind Pew, soon shows himself to be a villain as he threatens Jim and then gives Billy Bones the black spot, a threat from pirates that means death.

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