Millie gets cucked. - Chapter 1 - an_undead_gamer_45, Liltony994 (2024)

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Stardom Super Highway!

Do you think you have what it takes to be hell’s next top superstar?!

Then come on down to pentagram city and sign up for the Stardom Super Highway and you’ll receive the chance to embarrass yourself- I mean, perform in front of a panel of judges to show your stuff!

Do well enough and you might end up winning the $5,000 prize as well as an opportunity to enter the pre-semi practice finals and compete for the grand prize of a ludicrous record deal with soulstack records.


Moxxie looked back up from the flyer that his wife Millie had just shoved into his hands with a single raised eyebrow, a tad confused on why she would give him this…and why she seemed to have one of those starry-eyed looks that she had when she was about to drag him into something stupid.

“Uuuuuh…Millie? What is this?”

“It’s a flyer for a musical competition silly!” His wife cheerily replied.

Moxxie raised an eyebrow in confusion. “Okaaaay….and why are you giving me it?

“Because I signed you up for it!” she exclaimed happily, completely missing the utterly shocked look on her husband’s fsce as it turned white from all the blood rushing away from it.

“YOU WHAT?!!” Moxxie sputtered. “Millie, I can’t just go on stage and perform in front of a live audience! They’ll rip me limb from limb! LITERALLY!”

“Oh, ya’ll gonna be fine honey! Just use one of the songs you’ve got written down in that little notebook of yours and they’ll be all over you. I know y'all got plenty o’ gems in there!”

Ah yes, his songwriting notebook. After creating ‘Oh Millie’ to express the love he had for his wife, Moxxie found that he actually got quite a bit of joy out of composing his own music and had really started getting into it as a hobby. The imp had written out dozens of original tunes, starting from the classical music that he had grown up with before branching out into other genres in the name of experimentation, such as rock, blues, and even a bit of country.

In any case, the point was that as Moxxie continued to improve and refine his skills as a musician, both in writing songs and belting them out on his guitar, Millie became more and more convinced that her husband was capable of going pro and becoming a fully fledged rockstar.

However, as much as Moxxie appreciated his wife’s vote of confidence, he just didn’t have the same kind of unshakable faith in his abilities that Millie did. The imp couldn’t deny that he had some serious guitar skills that many would envy and he was more than a little proud of some of the songs he had written, but there was no way in Hell that he was ever going to be good enough to perform in front of a live audience of judgmental demons.

There was the matter of his crippling stage fright that would inevitably cause him to f*ck up and get booed off stage…or worse.

No. The prospect of a cash prize may have been tempting, but he just didn’t have the nerve to put himself out there like that.

“I’m sorry Millie,’s not gonna happen.” he explained sadly, rubbing the back of his head anxiously at the crestfallen look on Millie’s face. “You’d better call whoever’s in charge of this competition and tell them I’m dropping out.” said Moxxie, trying to avoid her eyes.

“But this could be your big break Mox! Where you get the chance to share your amazing music with everybody!” Millie exclaimed with renewed enthusiasm.

Moxxie signed and ran a hand down the side of his face “It’s just...I don’t know Millie, I wouldn’t call my music amaz-BLMMPH!” The male imp was cut off when his wife suddenly grabbed his face and proceeded to squish his cheeks together, causing his lips to pucker up as Millie gave him a determined glare that would make a lion uneasy.

“No! None of that self-loathin’ crap! You are a talented performer Moxxie! You write great songs and you play them like a motherf*cking riot!” Millie snapped. “Now you’re gonna go up on that stage and ya’ll are gonna dominate that competition, I know you will, because I believe in ya!”

Moxxie wanted to keep fighting his wife’s words on this...he really did. But looking into Millie's eyes and seeing how badly she wanted him to grasp this opportunity with both hands and take it for a ride, Moxxie felt his resistance crumbling away. Millie only wanted what was best for him and it was clear she wasn’t planning on letting this go. Taking a heavy sigh, he reached up and gently grasped her hands, removing them from his face as he took in her eagerly waiting expression.

“Alright...I’ll do it.” Moxxie huffed, wincing at the delighted squeal she gave as Millie wrapped her arms around him. “But you have to be there with me if something goes wrong!”

“Of course Moxxie! I’ll be right there in the front row cheering ya on!”

“Promise?” he smiled.

“Promise.” Millie said, pecking her husband on his forehead. “Now let’s get ya all dolled up, the competition is in a couple of hours.”

Moxxie nodded before his eyes bulged out wide. “What the-?! MILLIE!”

“Sorry, but I wanted to make sure ya didn’t have time to get cold feet and chicken out. Remember what happened at the dance of the Flamin’ Shadows?”

Oh right...that dance. The white-haired imp couldn’t help but wince internally at the reminder. What should have been a wonderful night of passion shared between them as a married couple had been turned into a complete and utter trainwreck because Moxxie had let his nerves get the better of him. He had more than made it up to Millie since then, but he still felt bad about it.

Hopefully this would turn out better...which wasn’t exactly a high bar to get over considering the damage that had been done there, as all the dead bodies and emergency responders could attest to.


Verosika Mayday let out an irritated sigh as she took another drag of her cigarette, blowing smoke out the open window of her limo as she watched the streets of Pentagram City pass her by. The succubus pop star was anything but happy, and it was all because of her stupid ex-boyfriend ruining her life...again.

Somehow, word had gotten out that she had lost her little ‘Spring Break Challenge’ against the jumpy little circus freak. Thankfully, nobody found out WHY she had lost said challenge, otherwise she’d be in much deeper sh*t than she already was, but the fact that a succubus like her had gotten beaten by some no-name imp had dealt a huge blow to her reputation. It certainly didn’t help that the favors that she and her crew had done for the pigs in blue had also left her the subject of widespread mockery.

Verosika knew that she needed to do damage control quickly before her image burned to the ground...or worse. So she had proceeded to call up her PR rep for some solutions and the lovely little sinner had come up with a rather elegant solution that would make everybody forget about her little slip-up: the Stardom Super Highway competition. From his explanation, it was just some dumb reality show where talentless idiots got up on stage in front of a rabid audience to try and prove that they weren’t limp-dicked losers in front of a panel of ‘celebrity judges.’

The succubus used that term VERY loosely because all the producers could ever get for the show were just sitcom stars or washed up has-beens to serve as said judges.

Which made it all the more infuriating that she’d have to spend the next few hours sitting beside those sh*tty little bottom feeders for the sake of salvaging her career. Normally, Verosika wouldn’t be caught dead participating in such a lame-ass show, but her publicist had made it very clear that this was the only way she’d be able to remind everyone what a bad bitch she was and why she shouldn’t be f*cked with. All the succubus had to do was viciously tear into a few poor saps that thought signing up for the show was a good idea and all this bad press about her being a ‘pig f*cker’ would be a thing of the past.

Well I guess it’s not all bad.’ Verosika thought to herself with a tiny bit of enthusiasm. ‘At least knocking those dumbass wannabe performers down should help me vent some stress. Hell, I might end up having a bit of fun with this.’

Sure there was always the chance that a rare gem or two might show up during the show, since there was that one demon a while back who had actually impressed the judges with his violin skills and gone on to become a huge name in the music business, but those kinds of demons were few and far between. Verosiki knew she’d probably just wind up with a dozen lame-ass dicks who thought that being able to play a guitar riff or two suddenly made them some kind of rockstar, when all it would do was guarantee both tomatoes and maybe even some bullets being sent in their direction.

“Miss Mayday? We’ve arrived.” Verosika’s limo driver said, snapping the succubus out of her thoughts.

Looking up at the venue, Verosika let out a snort of annoyance. It was about what she had expected really; some crappy, rundown theatre that looked like it hadn’t been renovated in years and was probably on the verge of collapse. In other words, it was practically a physical representation of the show’s reputation and budget: completely f*cking mediocre.

“Wow, what a f*cking dump.” Verosika mumbled as she stepped out of her limo.

“Boss, it’s only the pre-semi-practice finals.” Vortex, her hellhound bodyguard said, following his employer out of the vehicle. “They don’t go to the real glamorous stages until the pre-pre-semi finals.”

Verosika gave her hellhound a raised side-eye in confused annoyance, who only shrugged in response. “What? My girlfriend really digs this show, we watch it together all the time.”

“Whatever.” she muttered. “Let’s just get this f*cking over with already.”

The succubus strolled down the ratty-looking red carpet with her bodyguard in tow, paparazzi already beginning to swarm her with shouts of questions and camera flashes; normally Verosika be flaunting all of her very fine assets to them, but she was in no mood to deal with the press right now, who likely only wanted to dig up some dirt on the rumors surrounding her. Thankfully, Vortex was more than aware of his employer’s bad mood and effortlessly kept them all at a distance. They were persistent at first, but quickly scattered when the hellhound abruptly picked a roach-like reporter up with one hand and punted them like a football across the street, straight into a storefront much to the other reporters’ shock.

Verosika let out a sigh of relief as the crowd immediately dispersed. “Thanks Vortex.” she said in a genuine tone.

“Just doing my job.” The hellhound replied, opening the door for the pop star.

Sadly, the sh*ttyness of the venue seemed to run all the way to the very core: paint peeling off the walls, water dripping down from the ceiling, burnt-out bulbs, and a carpet that let out an audible crunch everytime Verosika’s heels made contact with it. The succubus felt like she was going to puke; even when she was first starting out as a singer, taking whatever back alley gigs she could get, none of the places she performed at were as sh*ttely rundown as this place.

Verosika double-timed her pace, not wanting to spend any second longer in this sh*thole than she strictly had to. She’d just sit down, laugh a few idiots offstage, and head home for a nice long shower to wash all the sleaze she was no doubt accumulating just by walking through here.

The only part of the theatre that wasn’t a total wreck was the stage itself...but even that didn’t look particularly good. An elaborate set made up of neon lights, LED screens, and cardboard cutouts hanging from the rafters had been constructed on the stage in an attempt to hide the show’s low budget and quality; but unfortunately, the way it was arranged made the whole thing come off as a tacky eyesore that felt like a cheap parody of every other talent show that aired on primetime television.

‘Uuuugh, this place just f*cking reeks of trash TV.’ Verosika thought to herself caustically as she made her way over to the judges table.

Right before the succubus could sit down though, the pop star suddenly felt a hand shoot out and she inhaled sharply in outrage as it proceeded to grip a fistful of her finely-toned ass before pulling away. Verosika reacted about how one would anticipate however: she spun on her heel to locate the culprit (one of her fellow judges, some low budget sitcom star) and when she saw him, the succubus’ eyes narrowed, her sharpened teeth bared themselves as a low growl left her throat, and then she proceeded to cold-clock him right in his smug little face with a fist, knocking the sinner to the ground and leaving him with a sizable bruise on his left eye.

“Anyone else feeling a bit f*cking grabby?!” Verosika snarled, eyes flashing as a pink aura lightly radiated off her person.

Her remaining coworkers shook their heads, scooting their chairs away from the raging female demoness out of fear while a few crew members collected the unconscious demon.

Verosika grinned and sat down in her chair, smoothing out her hair and controlling her breathing while taking great pleasure in knowing that she was still a badass bitch who didn’t take sh*t from anybody. She had just proven it to the demons next to her, now all she had to do was prove it to everybody else by eviscerating a few performers on the stage. After all, it wasn’t like there’d be someone here that could actually impress the succubus.


Moxxie slowly tuned his guitar’s strings, gently twisting the tuners to get just the right kind of sound he wanted from each successive chord, a look of pure focus on his face.

The show had started an hour or two ago and was now in full swing, with dozens of performers milling about and practicing their craft. The show didn’t discriminate either; there were plenty of musicians like him, but there were also comedians, acrobats, sharpshooters, strippers, and practically every other type of performing artist one could think of backstage. The only thing more diverse than the acts though was the level of talent amongst them.

Moxxie figured he was only okay at the guitar, but upon seeing who else was in the competition, it had made the imp realize that being just ‘okay’ was an achievement in itself.

If Moxxie had to put it bluntly: he was surrounded by completely talentless hacks; idiots that didn’t even know how to properly tune their instrument, much less play it. Some of them were so terrible that the imp could actually feel himself die a little inside when he heard them completely butchering the songs they attempted to play. Most of the performers were too lazy to even come up with their own music and had tried to get away with simple covers that they had clearly never even practiced.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately depending on one’s point-of-view) none of them had lasted even a minute on stage; often being booed off or even outright killed when a rowdy audience member decided to throw something at them. One poor bastard had taken a cleaver to the head and had to be dragged backstage by his buddies to get patched up, which did nothing for Moxxie’s nerves as he quickly realized he’d be dealing with a very hostile audience that was getting more entertainment out of killing the contestants than the acts themselves.

Although the ones that actually did last long enough to get through their sets probably got off even worse because instead of getting torn apart by the audience, they got torn apart by the judges who seemed to have a passionate interest in not just crushing, but thoroughly f*cking eviscerating the dreams of performers. Moxxie only could catch bits and pieces of their heckling, but what he did hear made Blitzo’s insults sound like mild teasing at most.

The sheer amount of demons that ran backstage while leaking shame-induced tears out of their eyes was obscene. Nobody seemed to be getting through this competition unscathed and with every failed act, Moxxie’s nerves only heightened further and further.

The imp began to hyperventilate; this was practically his worst nightmare come to life. It was bad enough knowing that he’d have to get up on stage and play in front of hundreds of demons, but it was even worse when it became increasingly obvious that if he screwed up, then there was a good chance he would literally die right then and there on that stage. Soon, Moxxie’s anxieties began to run away with him, which tore the imp from his focus and made it all the more difficult to get himself prepared for the performance ahead, which in turn made him even more convinced that he was going to fail.

‘I can’t do this. I can’t do this! I CAN’T f*ckING DO THIS!’ Moxxie screamed in his head as he prepared to book it…only to stop mid-step when he thought of his wife.

Millie was probably out there right now, sitting in the front row, eagerly waiting for her husband to show his stuff in front of everyone. If he ran away now, he’d be letting Millie down after she went through all the trouble of getting him up there in the first place.

Moxxie soon found himself being torn between his own stage fright and the love he had for his soulmate, arguing with himself on whether or not to bail out of the situation he found himself roped into.

‘Satan Dammit! Why is it so hard for me to just put a brave face on and get out there?!’ Moxxie scolded himself.

As the imp internally went over all the pros and cons of the two options that had presented themselves, yet another demon with crushed spirits ran by whilst bawling her eyes out. Unfortunately for her, the tears blinding her eyes made it impossible to watch where she was going, and she wound up running straight into a pile of crates, knocking them over and spilling their contents onto the floor. One item in particular landed right at Moxxie’s feet and got his attention.

To Moxxie’s surprise, it was a mask; the kind that someone would wear to a masquerade party, covered in glitter and only able to conceal the top half of someone’s face, but would be more than enough to hide its wearer’s identity. When Moxxie glanced behind the mask’s spot on the floor, he noticed that there was also an outfit sitting nearby that would have paired perfectly with the facial disguise.

Suddenly, an idea began to form in Moxxie’s head; it might not have been able to gain the audience’s favor, but there was a good chance it’d help the imp power through his fears if he literally ‘put on a brave face.’ If nothing else, going onstage in the form of a persona rather than himself would at least keep any potential embarrassment he might suffer from following the imp into his personal life.

Gathering up the disguise into his arms, Moxxie set out in search of a dressing room.

Hopefully, this would give him the confidence he needed to actually pull out a half-decent performance.


Verosika let out a haughty laugh as yet another performer fled the stage, this one having been some tacky illusionist calling himself Chris Angie. The idiot had thought adding a goth twist to his act would bring out a bit of flair, only to completely bungle it and get the reception he deserved.

The succubus had to admit, she was having way more fun with this than she could have ever hoped to have. Verosika had expected some pretty sh*tty acts, but these idiots took it to a whole new level. They weren’t just bad, they were laughably bad, they were so bad she swore that they were making a conscious effort to be as terrible as they possibly could. She had to hold back hysterical laughter as they made complete and total asses of themselves on stage just to maintain professionalism (except when a comedian came on stage, those were the only acts that didn’t make her laugh).

Half of them didn’t even get through their acts before the audience forced them off stage, which was a shame since it was so much better when she got to utilize her sharp tongue to spout out some pretty creative insults. The thing about being a wildly successful pop star is that one gets really good at word craft...especially when your ex was enough of an asshole that he single-handedly inspired an entire album’s worth of songs dedicated to explaining how much of an asshole he truly was.

(If there was one good thing that came from dating Blitzo, it was the ‘Buck you Flitzo’ album. That was one of her greatest releases to date.)

Verosika’s fellow judges may have had a few clever insults of their own, but it was obvious to any observers that the succubus herself was the one stealing the show with her brutal commentary. This TV appearance had been the best decision she’d ever made. Come tomorrow, it would be all over social media and everybody would forget about the whole ‘pig f*cker’ incident from spring break.

“Man, what a trainwreck that guy was! I love a good magic act as anybody, but that was just sad. Am I right or am I right?!” The host of the show, a sinner with a snake-like visage said. “Anywho, no time to cry over shattered dreams (as fun as it is). Our next act is approaching the stage as we speak and he needs no introduction, because he asked us not to give him one! The mysterious M!”

‘The mysterious M? What kinda f*cking name is that? Oh this is gonna be a riot.’ Verosika thought to herself, grinning with anticipation; an expression that only got wider when she saw the performer currently taking the stage.

He was a small little imp, one that was only about half her height and wearing an utterly ridiculous outfit that consisted of a glitter-coated mask and bedazzled jacket that was a complete and total crime against fashion (Verosika could excuse the mask as she wouldn’t want to be caught dead in such an outfit either), and carrying an old pink guitar that was slung over his shoulder. His unsteady pace and darting gaze made it clear to everyone in the room that this guy had never even been on stage in his life, with that inexperience shining through even more when the pathetic-looking demon approached the mic and nervously adjusted it to fit his height, fumbling a few times along the way.

“I c-c-call this one: ‘H-Hullabaloo’” The imp stuttered out, positioning his hands over the guitar strings. A few low chuckles were heard throughout the audience as he nearly dropped the instrument, a cringe-worthy display that only got some demons to ready their aim.

Verosika leaned in closer with her hands sweetly folded beneath her chin. If the imp’s music was as good as his getup and overall demeanor, then she was in for one hell of a train wreck. The succubus could already feel some of the insults forming in her mind, as between his outfit and pathetic getup, she had plenty to work with.

When the imp started to play however, Verosika found herself immediately blown away by his skills, so much so that her entire train of thought came to a screeching halt as the succubus became completely captivated by the song.

The way the imp’s fingers danced over the cords, expertly strumming out a complex riff that would put many professional artists to shame, coupled with a soft voice that carried a pitch perfectly, all of it coming together to accomplish something that many tonight could not: impressing Verosika Mayday.

The only thing the succubus could nitpick were the lyrics themselves. Frankly, they fell into the whole ‘big corporations are bad’ cliche that a lot of indie artists ran with, but the music accompanying it was so beautiful, she honestly didn’t care.

This guy wasn’t an amateur, or if he was then he was a particularly gifted amateur (as self-contradictory as that sounded.) Verosika could think of at least a dozen artists that would literally kill to work with the imp that was currently on stage. Those sorts of guitar skills were few and far between down in Hell, and anyone that got a hold of them could easily take their music to a whole new level.

It got Verosika thinking: what she was witnessing tonight may very well be this imp’s debut and once the footage started to spread over social media, then it would only be a matter of time before some of the higher demons in the industry started reaching out with offers for stardom.

The succubus knew she couldn’t let that happen. She couldn’t let some limp dickhe*ds get their claws into such a rare gem of a performer; he deserved better than that...he deserved to work with somebody with money, talent, and the ability to unlock the loads of potential talent he had hidden deep inside. her.

‘That’s it!’ Verosika thought to herself darkly, already discreetly typing underneath the table to inform her crew and Vortex of her current plans. “After the show, I’ve got to convince him to join us! There’s no way I’m letting this talented f*ck slip away from ME!’ Verosika thought to herself furiously, mind completely made up as a slightly devious grin crossed her face, her eyes glowing slightly as they settled on the unsuspecting imp before her.

Before Verosika knew it, the imp had finished up with his set and let his arms fall away from his guitar to leave the theatre in total silence.

That silence only lasted for a few short seconds before the audience practically exploded into a nearly deafening cacophony of sound. Unlike all the previous acts however, they weren’t booing the mysterious M. Rather they were loudly cheering him and even chanting his name, with a few audible requests for an encore cutting through the noise. Verosika could even see one female imp in the front row cheering more enthusiastically than anyone else, and she rolled her eyes, as it was probably some wannabe groupie no doubt.

“HOLY f*ckING sh*t BALLS! Now that’s what I call a performance!” the show host exclaimed, giving M some applause of his own. “But let’s see if the judges feel the same way!”

Apparently the judges all did, giving nothing but praise for the imp’s performance and presenting him their unanimous approval to move on further in the competition. Then the questioning rolled around to Verosika, who was conflicted since as much as she wanted to follow in her co-worker's footsteps, she still had a reputation to uphold and couldn’t afford to look soft.

Of course that didn’t mean she couldn’t compliment him in her own way.

“Well, It was alright, I guess. It’s nice to see that there’s one act here that can deliver a good performance, even if it’s only a half-assed one.” Verosika huffed, inwardly biting her tongue. “Either way, I’m with the others here; you’re moving on to the next round!”

The imp seemed to blink in disbelief for a few moments, clearly not being able to comprehend the fact that the crowd actually liked him, before giving a small smile and strolling off the stage while waving politely.

There was no need to rush to see the talented little imp, since he had managed to get the approval from the panel. He'd appear on stage at the end alongside the others who made it to show everyone who was moving onto the next round of the competition. Verosika only hoped that she could corner him before he managed to slip any means necessary.


“And last but certainly not least, the mysterious M who wowed us all with his godly guitar skills! Him and all the other contestants who didn’t turn out to be complete dipsh*ts will be making a return to our fine program to fight tooth and nail for a chance at fame and fortune! Until next time, I’m your host Ryan Slithercrest saying thank you and GO f*ck YOURSELVES!”

The serpentine sinner’s voice barely even registered to Moxxie as he made his way backstage, his mind still caught up in a complete and utter stupor.

Moxxie just couldn’t believe it, so much so that had to pinch himself to make sure that this was all actually real. In spite of everything, he had actually managed to put on a good show! The crowd loved him, the judges loved him, and even a few of the other competitors had conceded defeat to his talent. Frankly, it was all a little embarrassing. Moxxie appreciated the praise but there was no way he was that good...right?

‘Well it doesn’t really matter, the important thing is that I didn’t f*ck up and I’m gonna do it all again in the next round.’ the imp thought to himself...only to freeze in place. ‘Wait a second...I’m gonna have to do this again! Awwww CRAP.’

Moxxie knew that he might have gotten lucky this time around, but things were only going to get rougher as he got further into the competition. It was only a matter of time before he came up short and got kicked off stage...most likely on a gurney.

But the imp pushed those thoughts aside. That was something for future Moxxie to worry about; present-day Moxxie was going home to celebrate with his wife and ride the high of a job well done for the next few days, although he wasn’t looking forward to Millie’s ‘I told you so’ speech but he figured he deserved it after what had just happened.

Now if only he could find a vacant dressing room and get changed out of this stupid outfit. The pants were starting to ride up on his crotch something fierce.

After a few minutes of searching, Moxxie jumped back when one of the dressing room doors flew open and nearly hit him in the face. The imp was about to voice his complaints...only for the words to die in his throat when an absolutely massive hellhound with pitch-black fur and a massive scar running over one of his eyes emerged from the room.

“Uhhh…” Moxxie intoned.

The hellhound glanced down at the poorly-dressed imp and surprisingly, gave him a calm smile. “All yours man, there’s nobody in there.”

“Oh, thanks!” Moxxie replied in relief, walking past the massive canine into the dressing room.

As he did so though, it suddenly dawned on Moxxie that he had seen this particular hellhound before. They hadn’t interacted directly, but it was hard to forget the hellhound’s face after his boss had made such a strong first impression...primarily when she and her crew had covered him in lipstick and almost smothered him with their breasts.

“Wait a minute, aren’t you that-” Moxxie was cut off by the door to his dressing room suddenly slamming shut behind him, a very familiar succubus standing in front of the only exit with a devious smile on her face.

Moxxie’s eyes shrunk to pin pricks when he saw her locking the door without ever taking her eyes off of him. It took the imp a moment to realize he had been bamboozled in the cruelest way possible and was now trapped in a confined space with his boss’ crazy ex-girlfriend Verosika Mayday. The succubus had no doubt recognized him on stage and decided to use him in some sort of crazy revenge scheme to hurt Blitzo.

“Oh crumbs…” Moxxie muttered as Verosika began to advance on him.

Between the locked door and the hellhound that was probably standing guard right outside of it, Moxxie had little to no options in terms of escape routes. He could try and make a break for the ventilation systems above them, but he doubted that he could get up there and pry off the cover before Verosika managed to grab him.

No, the only thing Moxxie could do now was hope that Millie managed to find him before Verosika had a chance to do anything.

“’re even cuter up close.” Verosika hummed, kneeling down until she was eye level with the imp and regarding him with an almost analytical gaze.

Moxxie heard what almost sounded like a record scratch occurring in his mind, his brain having blue-screened and needing a reboot as he looked up into the succubus’ pink face. ‘Wh...what?”

“Sorry about locking you in, but I wanted to make sure nobody tried to interfere with our little chat.” she explained, her smile now looking slightly more genuine and happy to see him.

“Wh...but I...what’s this about, Miss Mayday?” Moxxie asked finally, completely mystified as to what was happening right now.

The succubus seemed to perk up at the sound of her name. “Oh? You’ve heard of me? What am I saying, of course you have! I’m one of the top pop stars in all of hell. Why wouldn’t you?”

Moxxie blinked. “Uuuuuh...that didn’t really answer my question Miss Mayday: what do you want with me?”

Verosika twirled a strand of her hair as she tilted her head, still smiling. “Straight to business hmmm? I prefer dabbling in a bit of pleasure first, but to each their own, I suppose. In any case, here’s the deal: I want you to join my crew.” Verosika said, her confident half-lidded gaze glowing slightly with an admittedly appealing aura.

‘WHAT?!’ Moxxie internally screamed, while outside of his mind, his eye slightly twitched as Verosika looked on.

“I saw you up on stage and I’ll admit, I liked what I saw. You’ve got skills, skills that I could really use on my side.” The succubus continued. “Your talent is wasted on this sh*tty little primetime dumpster fire, so come join up with me and I can take you straight to the top right now. You’d have fame, fortune, and a way out of whatever crappy little dead end you’re probably stuck in; so what do you say? Wanna make something out of yourself?

Moxxie wasn’t going to lie; Verosika’s offer was incredibly tempting. As much as he loved Imp City, it wasn’t exactly the nicest place to live in and being able to move to a place like Pentagram City with Millie did have its appeal. But those thoughts were quickly swatted down when he realized that this was probably some kind of trick by the pop star to get even with Blitzo for the spring break disaster. And even if it wasn’t, there was no way he was turning his back on IMP. Blitzo would never forgive him if he abandoned the company to work with Verosika Mayday, and as much as his boss got on his nerves, Moxxie knew he wouldn’t be able to either.

Moxxie may have been a lot of things, but he wasn’t a traitor.

Hoping the succubus was genuinely asking and not just making a formal offer before going with underhanded tactics (although he wouldn’t put it past her) Moxxie signed and ran a hand down the side of his mask. “Look, I'm sorry, Miss Mayday, but while your offer is intriguing, I just can’t accept it. I’ve already got a okay job and playing guitar is more of a hobby for me. I don’t think I want to make a career with it.” The imp replied. “Now if you wouldn’t mind moving out of the way, I need to find another dressing room so I can change.”

Verosika frowned, but she wasn’t deterred. She knew that there was always a chance the imp would have a reason to refuse her offer...which is why she had plan B hidden just beneath her tongue.

Quickly stepping in front of the imp before he could walk away, Verosika stared him down. “Are you sure? I don’t think you realize the opportunity I’m giving you here. I’m promising you a straight shot to stardom and you’re just gonna throw it away?” she asked, genuinely perplexed.

Moxxie shrugged “Positive. I’m happy with my life at the moment, now please move.” he requested, his patience beginning to run thin.

Verosika rolled her eyes. And here she was trying to be nice about the whole thing. “Alright, alright, fine. But before you about a kiss?”

Moxxie stumbled back in surprise. “Wait what?!”

The succubus smirked. “What? You’re a cute little imp and I’d hate to let you leave without a little bit of a reward for impressing me so much. Just one little peck on the lips and I’ll let you go without any issues. Simple as that.”

“B-b-but...I’m married though! Happily married!” Moxxie insisted.

‘Well that makes this a bit more difficult. But I’ve handled this sort of crap before.’ Verosika thought to herself, realizing she would need to resort to her more desperate measures.

“What they don’t know won’t hurt them.” She stated matter-of-factly. “Besides, it’s just one little kiss; I doubt they’d be losing sleep over something like that.”

Moxxie spluttered for a moment before sighing. He didn't like it, but Verosika seemed bent on getting a kiss from him for one reason or another and she clearly wasn’t planning on letting him leave without one. So against his better judgment, he relented.

“Just one?” Moxxie clarified.

“Just one.” Verosika replied with a nod.

“Alright, but no tongue.” said Moxxie.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” She said way too quickly. “Now pucker up!”

Moxxie complied, curling his lips as he brought them closer towards the succubus’ own; while she closed her eyes, the imp kept his own open to make sure she didn’t try anything funny. Unfortunately, the imp was so focused upon Verosika’s face that he didn’t notice the well-manicured hand sneaking up behind his neck until it gripped the back of his head firmly and roughly shoved him towards the taller demon.

The imp’s face rammed straight up against Verosika’s, their lips mashing against each other as the pop star forced him in close and wrapped the imp into a possessive embrace. Moxxie stood dazed for a few moments as his mind attempted to process what had just happened, but when he finally regained his senses, he became acutely aware of the wet muscle that was squirming against his lips, trying to gain access into his mouth.

Moxxie quickly shoved himself away from Verosika with a glare. “HEY! I THOUGHT I SAID NO TON-”

The imp failed to get another word in however as the pop star suddenly darted her head forwards and took advantage of his opened mouth to slip her tongue in, bringing Moxxie into a passionate kiss filled with saliva and tonsil tasting.

Moxxie froze before he tried to push her off again, but Verosika only squeezed him even tighter to prevent his escape as she twirled her tongue around the imp’s own. All he managed to accomplish was ineffectually beating his fists against the succubus’ chest as she orally violated him. It didn’t help when her other hands went down and caressed his small, but supple rear, her fingers digging into the admittedly nice butt he possessed.

As he struggled, Moxxie felt a foreign object being pushed into his mouth that felt an awful lot like some kind of pill, but it was hard to tell with the way Verosika was meticulously exploring every inch of his mouth with her tongue. He tried to push it away with his tongue, but was surprised to find that Verosika’s tongue was nimble enough to grab ahold of the drug and shove it down into his throat, the imp gagging slightly as her lengthy organ bumped up against his uvula during the process. Moxxie then felt one of Verosika’s hands reach up to his throat and begin to stroke it in order to ensure that he swallowed it properly, which was about the same time he felt his lungs burning from a lack of air.

Thankfully, Verosika released him from the kiss with a wet pop, a line of spit still connecting their mouths, allowing Moxxie to suck down some much needed oxygen as the succubus cradled him in her arms.

The pop star ran her tongue across her lips with a grin. “Hmmm...not bad. Did you have ice cream before you came here? I am picking up a bit of vanilla.” she quipped sensuously

“ VIOLATED me!” Moxxie sputtered in outrage, trying to pull himself out of Verosika’s arms. “I have a wife for Satan’s sake!”

Verosika waved a free hand in the air dismissively. “Like I said, she doesn’t need to find out about any of this. Besides, now that you’ve had a taste, you can’t tell me you don’t want more.”

Moxxie’s eye twitched as he redoubled his efforts to escape. “f*ck YOU! I’m not gonna cheat on my wife with some trashy pop star I barely know! I might be a killer...but I’ve…I’ve got….ugh, what’s wrong with my head?” Moxxie groaned, rubbing his eyes as Verosika’s became too hazy to focus on.

Moxxie didn’t know why, but everything around him was starting to become really fuzzy. The imp could feel a fog begin to settle over his mind as he struggled to remember what he had been talking about; through the dizziness, Moxxie suddenly recalled the pill that Veroiska had slipped him during their kiss.

“Did…did you…did you drug me?” Moxxie slurred, eyes becoming unfocused as his stomach churned alongside a rising heat that was strangely focused between his legs,

“Yep.” Verosika responded frivolously. “But don’t worry, it wasn’t a roofie. What fun is there in f*cking somebody who’s out cold? No, what I gave you was just a little something to help you relax...and get your little friend up and going.” She cheerily replied, eyeing the growing bulge in the imp’s pants.

“My tongue feels funny, is my tongue supposed to feel funny?” Moxxie asked, swaying on the spot and holding onto his mask.

Verosika beamed. “Not sure. Why don’t you let me take a closer look?”

The pop star proceeded to slip her tongue back into Moxxie’s mouth as she lifted him up by his armpits and carried him over to the vanity, getting a bit of satisfaction when she felt the imp begin to kiss her back to try to get his own tongue into her mouth.

‘Good, that means it’s working.’ Verosika snidely thought to herself.

Her plan was simple and straightforward. After drugging M to make him a little more open to the idea of plowing a pop star, Verosika would blow his mind and his load with her sexual skills. Once when he came down from it, she’d either promise him more of such treatment if he joined her crew or blackmail him into doing so by threatening to tell his wife about this.

Either way, she would win.

‘Plus he doesn’t kiss half bad either.’ Verosika thought to herself as M managed to turn the tables of the kiss and shove his tongue into her mouth.

The kiss between the two gradually got sloppier as they fought each other for dominance, their tongues pushing and rubbing against the other with excess saliva dripping from their mouths. Verosika clearly held the advantage in experience, catching the imp’s tongue with her lips and sucking on it more than once, but the little guy managed to give her the same treatment a couple times as well. All the while, the lewd sounds of slurping and smacking echoed through the room they were in.

As they broke away to gasp for air, Verosika plopped M onto the table of the vanity, swiping all the other makeup items and utensils onto the floor in the process, sinking down until she was face to face with his crotch. The succubus could practically see the imp’s member throbbing beneath the thick fabric of his pants.

“Well, I think your tongue is okay, but I feel we should take a look at this.” stated Verosika haughtily, poking the bulge in the imp’s pants. “Could be another side effect of the drug after all.”

“Oh...uuuh..okay….” Moxxie mumbled, his mind almost thoroughly gone by this point as the succubus’s drug took full effect in his mind.

Giggling quietly to herself, Verosika made quick work on the zipper of the imp’s pants, and then pulled down the concealing fabric to let M’s member spring free…only for the succubus’ eyes to bulge as her mouth fell open wide at the sight of it.

‘Holy sh*t…he’s hung like a f*ckING HORSE!’ Verosika thought to herself in utter disbelief.

The succubus had honestly expected something far smaller than what she was used to. After all, the imp was a short little bastard and most of his kind weren’t exactly well known for being well-endowed. But the imp here had better length and girth than most of the incubi on her crew, which was saying a lot! Not even Blitzo was a match for the length before her!

Verosika quickly took the M’s massive log in both hands and began to examine it, with the imp gasping as she stroked him tenderly, her fingers practically caressing over every ridge and sending spasms of preliminary pleasure down his spine.

‘Where the hell does he even put all of it?! It obviously just shouldn’t be here! I would have noticed something like this before!’ The succubus thought to herself furiously, before her eyes noticed the organ beginning to twitch and stiffen in her hands. ‘Oh well, it doesn’t really matter. I’ll f*ck first and question this later like I always do.’

Pulling away from the imp before her, to which he released a slight whine of disappointment at losing her touch, Verosika’s reached her hands back behind herself to unclip her dress. The succubus’ trademarked outfit quickly fell away from her smooth pink skin, revealing her entire body in all of its nude glory, except for her crotch which was still covered by her dark red panties.

Verosika was so glad she opted for the break away option when it came to her clothes. It saved so much time on the job, and prevented her victims from cumming just from the sight of her before she got back to the action.

“Verosika? What are you- GAAAH!” Moxxie felt all the air immediately evacuate his lungs when Verosika leaned forwards, bent down, and sandwiched his half-erect dick right between the sizable funbags of flesh that were her breasts. The warmth and softness of the succubus’ D-cups were something that the imp had not experienced in his entire life, not even with Millie!

“I bet your bitch of a wife never did this for you, or this…” Verosika said sensually, pumping his co*ck a couple times between her chest before leaning her head forward and ran her tongue over the exposed tip of his red penis. “Did she?”

Moxxie tried to squeak out a response, only for a moan of intense pleasure to spill from his lips when Verosika continued pumping her pink-colored boobs up and down his co*ck, the succubus giving the organ’s head an audibly sensual lick every time it came into range of her mouth. The exercise was a cakewalk when it came to her abilities overall, and could usually cause human males to cum on the spot just from the sensation alone.

Sounds of slapping flesh soon filled the room as Verosika gave Moxxie what had to be the greatest boob job he had ever received, the succubus’ assets being unbelievably soft and feeling like magic against his penis. It was all too much for Moxxie to handle and the disguised imp soon felt his climax quickly approaching on the horizon within his body, made more apparent by his increasingly obvious gasps. Just before he could give the pop star an epic facial however, Verosika caught on to what was about to happen, and she abruptly released his penis from her boob’s soft embrace and stepped away from him.

The imp let out a pitiful whimper at being denied an org*sm, the feeling of being blue-balled already painfully setting in as his full mast throbbed desperately for release.

“Alright, enough with the opening act here! Time for the main event, you lucky little stud…” Verosika stated with a tone of conviction, reaching down between her hips and gripping the sides of her underwear, slipping off the now thoroughly soaked red panties whilst letting them drop to the ground. The succubus’ exposed form was a sight that even the most experienced of males would struggle not to org*sm just from staring at her, but the masked imp before her just felt his erection pulsate in an excruciatingly aroused manner.

The female demoness had a body that, while not as ridiculously large as other bimbo-like figures in hell, proved to go for quality over quantity, with a smoothly shaved womanhood between her finely-toned hips that was slightly shiny from their wetness. Moxxie could feel his breath leaving him in short, sporadic bursts at the sight, all the while the succubus simply stood there, taking the time to strike a pose with her hands behind her head as her lips puckered together to send a kiss in the imp’s direction.

“You like what you see?” Verosika breathed with a half-lidded gaze, turning around to lean against the wall and thrusting her pink butt cheeks in his direction once, which caused M to act like he’d been shot in the heart if the intense physical jerk he did at the sight was anything to go by. A satisfied smirk came to her face as the succubus kept her gaze upon the imp, wishing she had a pole to showcase her true skill at showing off her body. She might not have been as godly with her talent for pole-dancing as Angel Dust, Hell’s number one p*rn star (as much as she hated to admit it) but she was still fairly proficient to give even the spider a run for his money.

Mayday frowned when she saw the imp reaching down to grip his dick and gave it a few pumps, a light snarl leaving her mouth as she immediately pushed off the wall and trudged right over to M, who only had time to back away a couple steps before she grabbed him by his shoulders and pressed him down hard into the carpeted floor.

“Ah ah ah! You aren’t going to get off so easily there…” Verosika purred, leaning down and planting a featherly kiss on his mask, which the imp swore he could feel somehow. “Just let me take you, and I’ll show you what you’re missing out on…”

The succubus quickly stepped over and adjusted herself for the imp, making sure her thighs were right over his hips before pressing his erect, throbbing dick right up against her winking puss* as she dropped herself slowly down onto his lap. Verosika shuddered in place as she took the first inch of his size, just barely able to keep the head of his manhood within her. With her clenched and well-used walls grinding against his co*ckhead for a full minute, she smirked at the way the imp’s face cutely contorted beneath his mask in equal parts agony and euphoria.

“You want me to stick ALL of it in, don’t you?” she mewed, putting a finger cutely to her pursed lips as she turned her head to the side in a cutely naughty fashion.

There was some small part of Moxxie’s rational side that was screaming at the imp about how he shouldn’t be doing this and that he needed to think about Millie, but it was all drowned out by the white noise of lust covering his mind, helped thoroughly by the powerful drugs he’d been given. So Moxxie, against all of his instincts, just gave her an eager nod as his arousal won out over common sense..

Verosika smiled and leaned down to press her lips against the imp’s in a loving manner, a low chuff of pleasure leaving her throat all the while.. “Good boy.”

Lifting her hips up until their respective sexes were perfectly lined up, the head of his co*ck popping out momentarily, the pop star steeled herself, and then brought her form down onto Moxxie’s co*ck to take him all the way to the hilt. He may have had a jumbo-sized co*ck for an imp, but Verosika had the deepest puss* this side of the pentagram, so she was able to take every single inch of him with ease…albeit with a slight wince as his girth filled her up to the point she could feel it bulging within her womanhood.

After enjoying the feeling of being so delightfully filled for a few more moments, Verosika started pulling herself back up off the imp’s dick before slamming her body down again, causing them both to cry out. The succubus repeated this process over and over again until she was practically bouncing on top of his lap, pleasurable moans erupting from both of the demons as they gave into their inner lust, the combination of squelching and slapping between their thighs acting as music to their ears.

“Oh f*ck yes! YES! Give it to me! Give all of it to me, you sexy f*cking bastard!” Verosika screamed as she continued to ride the imp like a wild animal, the intensity of their sex driving her into an almost feral state that she hadn’t experienced since her very early days of being a succubus.

The two continued on like this for a while, with Verosika spearing herself on M’s erect penis as she attempted to milk the poor imp for all he was worth, gasping and panting as a thin layer of sweat accumulated on their bodies from the heat, and she would occasionally bend over to stealing a kiss or two in between each thrust, their tongues mingling together and leaving strings of saliva that broke every time she pulled back.

But through the blur of drug-addled lust, Moxxie decided that it was time for him to take the reins and show the succubus what he was truly made of. His confidence had experienced a slight increase from both his performance in the competition and the clear satisfaction that his boss’ ex-girlfriend was experiencing before his eyes.

As Verosika pulled herself up again, Moxxie’s hands shot out and grabbed onto her shapely hips, stopping her mid-thrust and causing a look of offended confusion to cross the pop star’s face.

“What? What the f*ck are you-WOAH!!”

In a surprising show of strength, Moxxie proceeded to flip Verosika’s body over so that he was the one pinning her down on the vanity with his co*ck still half buried inside of her. Before she could even think about scolding him (alongside making extensive use of her sharpened nails to show the imp who was the dominant one here), Moxxie plunged the entirety of his dick into the succubus’ rear, an action that earned a startled look, followed by a long-whining moan from her. The abrupt change in position followed by the sudden change in dominance all served to give an intense mood swing between the two that only served to enhance their lust.

Moxxie didn’t stop there however, as the imp began to rapidly thrust into the demoness pinned beneath him, his relatively skinny hips impacting her own and turning Verosika into a quivering mess of a woman in just a matter of seconds.

“FASTER! FASTER! DON’T YOU DARE f*ckING STOP!” Verosika practically screeched, her hair covering her face in strands as she breathed heavily with every thrust the imp gave her. Her eyes were practically dilating as her fingernails scratched the floor beneath her, shredding out tiny gouges in it as the succubus felt herself losing all sense of composure that she had initially entered the room with.

The sex she was currently having with M was amazing, utterly mind-blowing really. Verosika Mayday had plenty of partners over the years, both male and female, and she had f*cked plenty of them in almost every position imaginable with varying levels of satisfaction on her part; but the treatment the imp behind her was currently dishing out to her abused puss* certainly placed him high on that list, if not very close to the top.

‘He’s...he’s even better than Blitzo ever was!’ the succubus gasped inside her mind, her womanhood being completely and totally abused by the imp constantly ramming himself into her. Even his hands gripped and almost bruised her curvaceous buttocks with how tightfully he was holding them, the imp ramming his co*ck back and forth in a nearly mindless fashion as his eyes clenched shut, breathy whimpers of effort escaped through his grit teeth, and his tail wildly wagged behind him all the while.

No good thing could last forever though and the union of the two lustful creatures was no exception, their wild lovemaking driving the two of them closer and closer towards org*sm with the frantic pace of their thrusts increasing in speed. The succubus’ light pink aura returned as her eyes narrowed, feeling herself getting close to finishing, absorbing the ambient lust energy that was permeating the room around them subconsciously.

Finally, with one loud determined yell from the imp, and an ear-piercing scream of ecstasy from the succubus, both of them reached the limits of their lovemaking and came in near perfect unison. Verosika collapsed to the floor in a crumpled heap as her puss* sprayed her physical lust all over the imp's member, while he fell upon her rear in exhaustion, weakly thrusting as he filled her up with his fresh seed before stopping.

The two remained in that position for a few minutes, before Verosika found herself reinvigorated by the energy she had absorbed, if only slightly. And she eventually turned to look back towards the masked imp, who looked about ready to fall asleep on her back.

Making her to carefully do so, the succubus adjusted them both as she turned her body so she was laying on her back, lifting his light form into the air (whilst causing their sexes to separate with a wet popping sound that caused their fluids to gush out from her sopping puss*) and ensuring she was comfortable before pressing the imp down onto her chest.

Verosika found herself caressing the imp’s white hair as her hands pressed down onto his head and rear, feeling his tail weakly wagging behind him. The imp, after another minute, tried to raise himself up, before collapsing on top of the succubus once more, his head squishing down into her voluptuous bosom and providing a fleshy set of pillows that he almost fell asleep in, all while they attempted to catch their breath.

It was at that moment that it finally occurred to Verosika that her new (and thoroughly talented) f*ck buddy had managed to keep his mask on through their entire encounter, which that she still didn’t know what he actually looked like under there. Brushing her hair out of her face, the succubus decided to fix that issue by gently plunking the piece of plastic off of his face to get a better look, staring intently at his exhausted expression, drinking in the cute sight of what seemed like a confused and sleepy puppy resting on her breasts and not knowing what to do from there.

‘Huh, funny.’ She thought to herself curiously. ‘This imp looks exactly like someone I’ve seen before. Honestly, he kind of looks like that other imp that works for-‘ Verosika froze, her eyes widening as ice seemed to pump from her heart and into the rest of her body in astonishment.

‘The imp that works for my bastard ex? WAIT A MINUTE!’

Upon closer examination, Verosika found herself growing shocked to find that the imp that had given her one of the best sexual encounters she had ever experienced in her entire existence was the very same one that was under her Blitzo’s employ; the one she and the rest of her crew had very nearly sexually assaulted the first time they had met and had also gotten completely f*cking wasted during their spring break competition.

‘What had his name been? Mikey? No…Moxxie! Yes, that's his name!’ she thought with complete stupefaction.

While Verosika was busy mulling over this new information in her head, the drugs in Moxxie’s system slowly began to wear off, allowing the imp’s mind to clear up. This allowed the full extent of what he had just done to properly sink in and Moxxie found his heart thumping rapidly in his chest as he grew horrified.

“Oh dear Satan….” Moxxie mumbled, pulling himself free from the succubus’ embrace and stumbling back naked into a chair, with a dripping co*ck that was quickly shrinking down to a flaccid state.

“Oh sh*t…oh f*ck…GODDAMN IT! What the f*cking hell did I do?!” he exclaimed, covering his face with his hands as he anguished over what he had done. Meanwhile, the succubus propped herself up on her elbows and gave the imp a regarding tilt of her head…before grinning wildly.

“You know what you did?” she asked him aloud, making the imp glance at her between his fingers. “You did me! You did me lover-boy, and you were f*ckING incredible!” Verosika said.

“THAT ISN’T THE POINT!” Moxxie snapped, slamming his clenched fists into the arms of the chair he was in. “I’M MARRIED! I’VE GOT A WIFE AND I JUST f*ckING CHEATED ON HER WITH A POP STAR!”

Verosika rolled her eyes as she got up to wrap her arms lovingly around her knees, giggling despite herself at how seriously the imp was taking all of this. A mild wince flashed across her face as the sudden change in positioning caused even more fluids to drip out of her swollen womanhood. “You say that like it’s a bad thing. I know plenty of people who would be ecstatic to find out that their boy or girlfriend got it on with a celebrity, especially one like me.”

Moxxie coldly glared at the smirking succubus. “Again, NOT THE POINT! Marriage is a sacred bond of trust between two people who truly love each other and I...I just violated that trust! Oh, if Millie ever found out about this, she’d f*cking DESTROY me!”

A devious plan quickly popped into Verosika’s head (accompanied by the strange sound of a bell dinging) one that could very easily take advantage of the imp’s vulnerable state...and maybe even get her a new f*ck buddy in the long run.

“’re right. I guess it would be reeeeally bad if your wife ever found out about this little meeting of ours. Or worse, your boss who’s also my limp-dicked asshole of an ex.” Verosika sneered, standing back up on her feet and strolling past the shocked expression that the imp had on his face. Using a nearby towel on the vanity, the succubus made sure to wipe as much cum and other dried fluids off her puss*, gasping a bit at how swollen her lower lips were, before reaching down to her clothes that had been put into a small ball on their floor, slipping on her panties before putting her dress back on “Of course, I can only imagine what this would do to your company as a whole if they found out from little old me.”

Moxxie’s head snapped towards the succubus in fear, sweat breaking over his brow as anxiety and fear escaped him. “ wouldn’t dare...” he murmured woefully, sounding pathetic even to his own ears.

Verosika snickered, knowing that she had Moxxie by his admittedly impressive ballsack figuratively...and for the foreseeable future, maybe a lot more literally. “I dunno, I can already imagine the look on Blitzo’s dumbass face when I tell him that one of his employees is a better lay than he ever was. But then again, I could always keep this on the down low in return for a few favors...if you catch my drift.”

“What, you want me to be some goddamn gigolo for you?” Moxxie deadpanned, shooting her a disgusted look while trying to cover himself up from her wandering gaze.Considering he had no clothes on though, it only made him look even more vulnerable and somewhat pathetic, which the succubus strangely found to be a bit endearing to look at.

“Tempting...but I was actually talking about your fretwork.” she said, making the imp look up at her in surprise. “I wasn’t kidding when I said you’ve got some kickass skills as a guitarist and I really do think we could make some beautiful music if we worked together.” Verosika explained, adjusting her tit* in her dress and then swiping her hands across her hair, making it turn back into its previously straight and flawless appearance with the minor bit of magic she possessed. “So here’s the deal Moxxie; you swing by my studio every now and then to record a couple of songs with me, maybe even produce an album. And in return, I’ll make sure nobody ever finds out about what happened here today. Sound good?” she asked sweetly, sauntering over to the imp with an exaggerated sway of her hips and cupping his chin softly beneath her palm.

In the imp’s mind, Verosika’s offer didn’t sound like a good deal at all. Instead, it sounded like pure extortion that only a demoness like her would be capable of, but Moxxie knew that he didn’t have much of a choice. Both his job and his marriage were on the line here and belting out a few cords for a musical artist was a small price to pay to preserve both. He just hoped Verosika wouldn’t be too demanding of him...although judging by the way her eyes kept shooting down to his flaccid co*ck, it was far too much to hope for.

Letting loose a deep sigh, the imp stared back up at her with as much determination as he could muster past the shame. “As long as you promise you won’t try to use me as a sex toy! I wanna hold onto some of the dignity I still have left.” he said, although even the imp knew that when it came down to it, he was being forced to lie to his boss and his wife in the long run.

“Deal!” Verosika squealed, reaching down and grabbing the imp around his waist, hugging Moxxie to her breasts like a doll and muffling his cries of protest. After hugging him tight enough to the point she could tell he was losing air, Verosika placed him up on the vanity as he inhaled in and out from almost suffocating in her bulbous mounds. Giggling sweetly, the succubus flicked her hand out to present Moxxie with a card. “Here's the address to the studio. Be there tomorrow at noon-ish for a rehearsal, and don’t be late.” Verosika said, smiling as Moxxie hesitated for only a second before resignedly taking it.

The succubus then turned around to leave the dressing room, thinking of all the fun she would have from now on, especially one she told her crew about the gifted little imp. Right as she reached the door however, Verosika gave Moxxie one last glance over her shoulder.

“Oh, and Moxxie?” she called, getting the imp’s exasperated attention, most likely wondering what else she could possibly ask of him. “ Just one more thing: if you decide you ever wanna take another trip to bonetown with me?” Verosika blew the imp a kiss before licking her lips sensually, making the imp stiffen at the sight. “All you have to ask.”

And on that note, the pop star left the still naked Moxxie all alone with his guilt and shame, the imp quietly sighing to himself as he started searching the room for his clothes; praying to the powers that be that this whole incident wouldn’t have far reaching consequences down the road and that he could put it all behind him and just move on.

Unfortunately for our favorite possum, this one moment of intense passion with Verosika Mayday would send him down a path of lust and debauchery with numerous other individuals getting their fill of him.

Moxxie didn’t realize it at the time, but his love life down in Hell was going to become FAR more complex in the coming weeks.

Millie gets cucked. - Chapter 1 - an_undead_gamer_45, Liltony994 (2024)
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