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Friday, February 10, 2006 Pensacola News Journal 5C. FOR THE RECORD Page edited by Jason Hartman, 435-8538 after 4 p.m. SANTA ROSA COUNTY The following motorists were charged Wednesday with driving under the influence. Names, ages and addresses were provided by the individuals. Richard Oneal Stricklin, 42, 5700 block of Yucca Drive, Milton.

John Paul Stokes, 29, 3900 block of Holleyberry Lane, Milton. stolen property. James Edward Wheeler, 21, 3300 block of Westfield Avenue, Gulf Breeze, solicitationconspiracy, robbery. Christopher Lynn Worth, 31, 9800 block of American Farms Road, Milton, driving while license suspended, possession of cocaine, usepossession of narcotics equipment, larceny, fraud illegal use of credit cards. Thomas Steve Hughes, 48, 5000 block of Babb Lane, Milton, neglect child without great harm.

Sabrina Ann Babb, 35, 5000 block of Babb Lane, Milton, neglect child without great harm. LOTTO VlNYlERVICES i TALLAHASSEE No ticket matched all six Florida Lotto numbers, meaning Saturday's jackpot will be worth approximately $15 million, lottery officials said Thursday. A total of 75 tickets matched five numbers to win 4,127 tickets matched four numbers for $79; and 87,400 tickets matched three numbers for $5. The winning Florida Lotto numbers selected Wednesday: FROM 4C James Brian Coffelt, 40, 1200 block of North Old Corry Field Road, two counts of driving while license suspended or revoked. Michael Alex Barnett, 22, Mobile, two counts of narcotics violations.

Terrell Lamario Beasley, 18, 600 block of Chaseville Street, fraud ownership to pawnbroker, dealing in stolen property. Billy J. Pellett, 28, 8900 block of Fowler Avenue, theft. Israel Lee Wright, 64, 900 block of East Yonge Street, aggravated assault. Anthony Lavon Hill, 29, 300 block of Landes Drive, possession of cocaine, possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana, usepossession of drug paraphernalia.

Leroy Jordon, 40, 300 block of Pineridge Lane, two counts of driving while license suspended or revoked, narcotics violations. Daniel George Shilston, 51, 6500 block of Shilston Branch, driving while license suspended or revoked, attached tag not assigned. Raymond Hodges Sweatman, 40, 700 block of Concordia Boulevard, theft. Tamara Lea Brock, 24, 4200 block of Brighton Drive, two counts of narcotics violations, usepossession of drug paraphernalia. Andrew A.

Bostice, 28, 3500 block of Creighton Road, two counts of narcotics violations, usepossession of drug paraphernalia. Lavero Markey Crooks, 28, Detroit, felony battery with great bodily harm. Michael Anthony Grice, 28, 1800 block of West St. Joseph Avenue, three counts of narcotics violations. Erskine Montell Rushton, 26, address unavailable, narcotics violation.

SANTA ROSA COUNTY The following suspects were charged with felonies Wednesday at Santa Rosa County Jail. Names, ages and addresses were provided by the individuals. Phillip Carnell Baldwin, 36, 6500 block of Julia Drive, Milton, failure to appear in court. Angelia Danielle Bibb, 27, 7900 block of Carney Court, Milton, violation of probationcommunity control. Jeremiah Jason demons, 30, 3300 block of Westfield Court, Gulf Breeze, solicitationconspiracy, robbery.

Kimberly Lynn Helmick, 48, 1300 block of Ceylon Drive, Gulf Breeze, battery, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Larry Ray Johnson 30, East Brewton, violation of probation community control. Douglas Harold Lowery 26, 3400 block of Robinson Road, Milton, dealing in stolen property. James Edward McDonald, 49, first block of Jewell Street, Jay, failure to appear in court. Christopher Tyrel Merricks, 24, 3700 block of Sand Ditch Road, Milton, failure to appear in court.

Kenneth Miguel Owsley Jr. 38, address unavailable, violation of probation. Lora Lynn Ruyf, 45, 2000 block of Government Court, Gulf Breeze, battery, resisting an officer without violence. James Calvin Simmons, 37, 6900 block of Mertis Way, Milton, dealing in DUI ARRESTS ESCAMBIA COUNTY The following motorist was charged Wednesday with driving under the influence. Name, age and address was provided by the individual.

Christina Anne Plough, 26, 3000 block of Woodbury Circle, Cantonment. SOI fmim The Department of Solid Waste Management Regional Roundup 8 a.m. noon Saturday, February 11th Escambia High School Free and Safe Disposal of Home Chemicals and Electronics (No appliances or tires) Escambia County, FL citizens only (with proof of residency) For an Investment Representative near vou contact 1-800-ED-JONES Edwardjones LOCAL BRIEFS Berk of fensacota Residents can properly dispose of household hazardous waste such as cleaners, paint products, aerosols, County Fire-Rescue and the West Pensacola Volunteer Fire Department responded. The fire reached the cabinets and ceiling of the kitchen before firefighters extinguished the flames, said Fire Chief Mike Weaver of Escambia County Fire-Rescue. Weaver estimated the house sustained $2,000 in damage.

From staff reports 4.85 lawn and garden chemicals, and 'APY automotive maintenance products. 13-Month CD Escambia county residents can drop-off electronics such as computers, I 4 Charges dropped after witnesses cant ID suspect Several burglary and other charges against a Pensacola man have been dropped after victims and witnesses were unable to identify the suspect, according to court documents. John Sherman Rowland, 31, had been charged with seven counts of burglary, three counts of petty theft and one count of grand theft, but the state attorney's office announced last week the charges had been dismissed. No one hurt as firefighters extinguish kitchen fire A Pensacola woman was not injured in a kitchen fire Thursday afternoon in west Pensacola. Minnie Thomas, 85, of the 1 1 00 block of Webster Drive, was home alone when a grease fire started about 4:30 p.m.

in her kitchen. Three units from Escambia Wott.ll monitors, copiers, fax machines, and TVs. Citizens with a large amount of "The Perfect Certificate of Deposit" has a special feature that allows for one BUMP-UP, PENALTY-FREE withdrawal to purchase a 18-Month Bank of Pensacola CD 'Annual Percentage Yield. One time bump-up, penalty-free withdrawal only applies to original 13-Month CD to purchase a 18-Month CD. The new term will begin the day you adjust your rate.

$10,000 minimum deposit to open account. No other bonus rate premiums available with this CD offer. Offer limited to funds not currently in a Bank of Pensacola account. Available for a limited time. electronics and all businesses must call ahead for an appointment at Perdido Landfill.

Custom Designed to Fit Your Home Rolling Accordian Bahama Hurricane Panels 937-2160 ziX'Wh' A 'Driver's license, power bill, voter registration card Member FDIC 850-436-7800 nt mzmm 10:00 ani Sunday Morning Service 6:00 pm -Sunday Evening Service Submit your favorite photo of your little rising star! If your photo is selected as the grand prize winner, your baby will be featured 7:00 pm -Wednesday Night Training Classes iiM waaa er aBtaMMasiMagaMaaai mmmmmmmmmeammemmmmmxmimmmiitmitmi! ma I on the cover of Healthy Baby, a special section on pregnancy and parenting. Other winners may have their photos featured in the section. Look for Healthy Baby in the Pensacola News Journal on Sunday, March 5. Babies featured in submitted photos must have been born after June 1, 2005. The image must be a color photo only using a minimum size of and must be able to be reproduced at 300 dpi.

Grand prize winner must be available for a photo shoot between Feb. 14 Feb. 17. Hurry! Contest ends at 5 p.m., Feb. 13.

Please complete this Official Healthy Baby Photo Contest Entry Form. All entries are due by 5 p.m., Monday, February 13, 2006. ParentGuardian Name(s): Address: CJty: State: Alternate Phone: Home Phone: Baby's birth E-mall Address: Signature(s): Must Include slgmture(s) of parentguardian(s) submitting photo and sll persons 18 years and over who appear in the photo AX 'j Plus, Classes For Boys Girls Of All Acs A Fully Staffed Nursery Is Available For All Services A Church For The Remnant Come See BjBjBjBjajBjajBBjBjaMBflaaajBjaHBjMHannHHHH 6800 Mobile Hwy -12 mile past the Fairgrounds Call (850) 944-3544 for more Information i Photo description: Who, what, when, where no purchase necessary to enter or to win purchase will not increase your odds of winning au federal, state, local and municipal laws AMD REGULATIONS APPLY. VOID WHERE PR0HIBI TtD. marmy Herjy Mlwo ujmow (ma wmww ofwi iu u.o.

inwvtiu uwajwiy ruwiu niwi. 10 yis u. v. i PmuafeNtwi Journal Gam tt, Inc ana eaW llwt reipKtM affll SlnSmiaixl aiv panon. do Mnttn R.

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Romana Pensacola, FL 32502 TPj. pensacola 1 NeTcairnal For Pensacola News Journal home delivery call 435-8686..

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