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THE LANSING JOURNAL RIDAY SEPTEMBER 18 1908 7 I IN LANSING SOCIETY CIRCLES Credit club cast IN A QUARREL OR SATURDAY 1 aturday Special I i 'A 3 the 4s i Schram Automatic Sealer ruit Jars i I The most wonderful simple and TOPCOATS RAINCOATS HATSSHOES COATS SKIRTS and WAISTS MILLINERY and SHOES WORTH $250 Three Pat ent Leather Remember they are worth $250 MEMBERS THE PARTY HAVE AN ABUNDANCE HOPE AND ENERGY Christopher Loftus GRANGERS GULLETT Hollister 12U Wash Ave South See ShpeJWindow Baking Dishes 19c Pifpjr Hams mild cured sweet and tender 1000 pounds on sale Satur day at the short price per lb 9c Northern Potatoes fine cookers per bu Jersey Sweet Potatoes fancy 1 stock 7 lbs for 25c Olives large meatyopes per 'quart 'i all Suits Best to buy early when the vari ety is more complete Styles this all are very handsome The clever effects stand out smartly CLOTHES Men and Women Boys and Girls REDIT liberal conveni honest We re ognize vour rieh't to dit re anti 'extend it to yon without extra charge without interest without a particle of red tape Just say all and yon will have opened an account that will prove a positive benefit to you iOO a YeeK WORRY Over Money One Sent to Old Country for the Other One Charles Corey a Washington avenuesouth fruit'dealer is under arrest charged ty Charles Mike a Syrianith the theft of $1175 Mike he gave Corey $85 to send to rel atives in Svria but instead Coryy sent 15 pounds $7324 and has re fused to return the $U7u difference Corey pleaded not guilty when ar raigned in the police court and war remanded to jail in default of $300 ball to await trial September 25 5 HEINZ COMPANY Will have a representative here all day tomorrow to show and discuss the Heinz 57 varieties of things for the Samples will be served and the merits of these food products wilt be explained You are respectfully invited to at tend i Saturday Bargains Baking Dishes 1 9c JN1ESS VW VICTOR You Are Not Getting Your ull Share of Pleasure Out of Life Lobster and Scallops Just received another lot of live lob sters and fresh scallops At the Cafe 4 acme of simplicity i Pints per doz 55c Quarts per doz wC This price for Saturday only Peaches' Peaches Buy your peaches for canning now The price will not lx any lower and the chances are you will have to pay more Will have a large consignment for tomorrow Pjpkls Credit Clothing Co 301 Walvenae So Open Wed? and Saturday Encouraging reports were received at a meeting of the Democratic county cbmmittec held yesterday in the office of Judge Nichols from the vari ous members of the committee and the nominees on the county ticket There is much activity around the county a political way and the reports indicate that much satisfac tion is being expressed with the Dem ocratic county ticket Lawton He mans will attract large vote in every precinct and the Bryan senti ment is said to be as strong as wheniigham county gave him a large ma jority Bryan and Kern clubs haveybeen organized in Lansing and Aurelius I and several others will be under way next week Every nominee on the county ticket announced himself ready for the battle and from now on an active canvass for votes will be made Richard Raudabaugh candidate for prosecutor will address' a meeting at Aurelius Tonight A Investment Mn John AThlteTof 3S Highland Ave: Houlton Maine says: "Have been troubled with a qoufch every winter andpring I ast I tried many ad vertised remedies but the cough on linued until bought a 50c bottle of New Discovery before that was iialf gone the catigh was al! gone This 'vinter same happy result has fol owedf a few doses oree more banish ed the annual cough' I am now don vfneed that Dr King's New Discovbry the best of rill cough and lung rem Sold Juidcr guarantee at Rob nson Drug Co and Jones Hough drug stores 50c and $100 Trial ottle 10c CONVENTION RATES The ichigah association ias made special rates to the Demo cratic state convention at Saginaw of one and two thirds fare for the round trip Tickets Will be sold in tlu lower penidsula September all trains reaching Saginaw 1efore 1:00 o'clock October IpTeturn linrit October 2 Erom upper peninsula loints tlcKcts wiJJ sold ftnepteni I er 29 good returning until October xa THE HOWARD URNITURE COMPANY 321: Washington Avenue South I Christopher 'L? Loftus These Baking Dishes sre of well known Onyx make and finesL country They are eis Potatoes and the baking of Beans Spaghetti etc They are 3 inches deep and inches across tKej itophave enameled handles arid extra heavy pressed and returned covers Suits Surely we can suit all kinds of Men with our variety of styles Modest Suits for Men of "quiet taste snappier colorings and styles for the young man all rightly tailored and perfect fitting $9 to $25 Boys School Suits Strongly built Suits for all and sizes' We can suit you ori pricetquality and style 4 $2 $8 to INGHAM DEMOCRATS REWIRE 10 GINGER West Michigan Show of Pumpkins and Peanuts a Success Grand Sept The great est crowd ever assemlhed within one enclosure in Grand Rapids was that of yesterday day at the West Michigan State fair The offi cial record Showed that nearly 50J)00 27 o33 to be con tributed to the record breaking total Charlott Sept TsAmIss kate Meeker died Wednesday night it her home in Walton township Meeker was the daughter of Mr and Mrs AV Meeker for many yeaps residents in this county and city She was but 20 years of age' and had al ways in heAltH 77? Common Sense And A Tablet Music in some form or another enters into nearly all the pleas ufes of life The av erage family spends a considi rabte a teach year to 'attend Operatic Performances Concerts recitals and for Music in the home This hr what makes the VIU IVK so universal popular It is so it brings to the honre every kind of music sung £nd played by the Worlds Vith a VICTOR a can enjoy the music you love whenever you are in a wood to you can entertain your fnenas in a roost delightful Get a VICTOR and: start to enjoy life today Wn sell outfits on terms of 81 weekly You are cor dially invited to visit our warerooms and hear the VICTOR We are State Distributers and carry an im mense stock of Machines and Records GRINNELL BROS 219 WASHINGTON AVE ATAL MOTOR CCIDE NT INDE TROIT THIS MORNING By telegraph to the' Journal Detroit Sept 18 The three years old son of Albert Dondrowski was run down and killed by an automobile Jil ven by Dr 1 Scherer on rederick street this morning The skullvas crushed ATTACKS STEEL TRUST Bryan Declares It is Supporting the Republican Party 4' Inhis speech at Harrington Pa Bryan discussed the tariff and the trusts steel trust today is sup porting the Republican patty and the Republican committee dare not say before election the amount of money will collect "from the officials of the steel trust to helpdt in its campaignaid the candidate 1 A IRM foundation A for ths work isadlshof Grape Nuts with cream It is Delicious aad a Do Away With' Dyspepsia' Stomachy Trouble and Make Meals A Pleasure When your stomach goes on a strike and mass meetings of indignation are held all over yourAody then it is that you should sit up and take notice It is clearly and only a question of commcn sense is this thing called Dyspepsia Take away by abuse over eat'ng excesses and high living the things which the stomach needs and you have dyspepsia and indigestion then other maladies iplloyz these this 1 Is common sense 1 The ystomach is'willing enough but I you letit do its work You take away the materials which are so neces sary for to use i Give back materials and dys pepsia and Indigestion flee and the 1 whole machinery of man begins slowly to move and do its work I What the stomach needs is nerve I force fluids for its digests gldnds' nourishment andyowcr All these ne 1 essities it takes from the blood If I dyspepsia gives nothing to bjo'dd the blood gives nothing to the stoniach I This is common sense also pure I simple and unalloyed I Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are com I mon sense pressed by high power into I tablets In these tablets are powerful I essences which go into tlie stomach I digest food stop gas making prevent I decaying of 'fobd enrich tho gastric I juices arcr absorbed by the blood and I thus give it strength to furnish a bet I ter fluid for digesting the next meal I Every physician knows what comprises I these tabletsevery druggistvhas the I same knowledge also They are natural I 1 common sense digesters which do the I work for the stomach quickly ahd well I drug store carries them 5)c per package Send us name 1 dress and will sendJyou trial package by mail free? Address A Stuart Co 150Stuart BldgMshall Mich Spring Chicken for Sunday Dinner or a nite fresh dressed Spring chicken fresh butter and eggs caU Citizens phone 979 Jones S2S Chestnut street south The board iof education of Grand Rapids havel used more than 8000 pounds Tiline in year good evidence of satisfaction The Beautiful Irish'ibng Dublin Josef Rix will be sung at Bijou week hear It and trpf it nt music house: On sale tomorrow 7 3r Dancing Waverly Park ridav and nights MurierWilllam street A willbe given this evening by the Phi Epsilon fraternity at the home fit Archie Branch Washington avenue north Besides the pledged and active members trfere will be several alumni present and the feature of the menue will be watermelon An informal program of toasts will be given after the feed Canton Capital City No 2 will give a dancing next Tuesday evening in Odd ellow temple Blood is captain of the canton and of the committee on ar rangements for the party Clarks 01 chestra will furnish music meeting of Crown Circle of Central Methodist Episcopal church will be held this evening at the Jiome oMiss Nettie Gardner 301 CJiestnut street north During the' business session of licers will be electcd and plans made for the work of the winter The firsthlgh 7 school tpar ty the season wilt be given evening in Society lialf by the Alpha Omega fra ternity of the high school Dancing w'ilf begin Aat 9 ancL continue mtll midnight 1 The marriage of Miss Bessie Hoff and Leroy Bennett took place Thurs day afternoonsAt the home of the bride one mile north of Okemos Rev Per kins of Bath ofliciated MissLy dia ulton and Mr Arthur A Griffith both of this city were married vesterday at the city hall by Justice )' a rasir The IDB club ixili4Beet this cv Mrs Al Hardy 713 Sey u'oui treet A Agents for Chase Seal GrandTeas and Coffee most games and the consolation was a YT awaraeu io cu Wil hold tl next meeting with Mrs Will Gifford Michigan avenueThursday October 1 Mrs Roy Storm Pine str et south entertained the Mushroom club Wed nesday' afternoon The afternoon was spent with pedro four tables being in play The first prize was won by Mrs May Murner the second by Mrs Wil a rt1 I it liam curuss ana nre After the gamess The club A quaint little Japanese party Was given last evening at "the home ui Misses Charlotte and I Aiuise Eowdish lorila street west 'for the guild of St Barnabas of St There were about thirty guests and most of them were attired in Japanese costumes The house was prettily dec orated Wn Japanese fashion tlie walls being covered witlf Japanese signs and symbols and was lighted witli colored lanterns no chairs in evly dence so the gijests were seated on pillows on the floor Thhe special feat ure of entertainment wa a game re sembling tennis only the balls were soap bubbles and were blown from one side to the other of a ribbon stretched across the room Other games including a flower guessing con test were also The'latter part of the evening the guests were all seated on the pillows and refreshments chop suey tea and wafers wpre served A business meeting of the guild wii be held 'the of the first Thursday of October in the church parlors 3 Mr and Mrs di iam Barra tt Kerr street south entertained verynpleas antly last evening in honor tof their twenty fifth wedding anniversary A banquet was served covers being laid for fifty and the beautifully decorated with rs carnations and ferns the color sclidme beinggrecn and white The rooms pvere all decorated with nalins ferns' and mixed asters After the banquet the evening was i spent with vards and dancing Mrs Burke presiding ut the piano for the daueing'l The dance hall presented an especially pretty appearance the color scheme of green and yellow being car ried out with golden rod The hbj1 and hostess were therecipients ot a beautiful array of gifts among them belng in silver ware Mr and Mrs Barratt married twenty live years ago in St "Andrews church Not tinghain Eng'land They have lived America for fifteen years most of that i time being spent jn Lansing The Richardson Embroidery' met yesterday with Mrs rank Sisson Butler street south There were seventeen members in at tendance and five visitors among the visitors being Miss Burdick Winnipeg Ill guest of Mrs Roy Sherley and Miss Muchmore of Beloit is guesi ml sister Mrs William Rantz During the business session a flower committee appointed Mrs rank Sisson be ing reelected chairman and Mrs Ray and Mrs loyd Nixon are her as sistants The duties of the flower com mittee are to? in case ot sickness or death in the families of any of the club members to send flowers behalfr i iuh nurinz tho social hour that the re freshments were served The B' Sf met yesterday afternoon with MrsMorley Reeves St Joseph street west During tlx afternoon Mrs Hume read letter from her daughter Mrs David Caldwell who is now residing in the Philippines She started at Honolulu but is now located at Lingaycjj a town of twenty five thosuand inhabitants and abdut one hundred miles from Manila: Mr Cald well is superintendent of city schools at Lingayen and she head of the high school dormitory Mrs Caldwell was formerly Miss Beth Hume ot nis city andZa Uaclur'in the high school 7 Capitariteb'ckah coterie met yester day afternoon with Mrs IL Nice Sycamore street north sixteen mem bers attending During the business session plans were made for giving a Hallowe'en party the committee in charge' to be appointed at the next meeting After the business session the afternoon was spent sewing and re freshments were served The hostess was assisted in serving by her sister Mrs William Proctor The next meet ing of the coterie will be held twoweeks from yesterday with Mrs A' Rowley Kalamazoo street west ''Sirs Morris i Sherwood entertained the ladies of the Sunshine club yester day afternoon homc on Hosmer street south The prizes were award Mrs David Corry of Brooklyn has been spending the week in the city will leave this evening for Chi cago to attend the marriage of MissIary Campbell daughter of Mrs Charles Campbell1 and Mr William George Hamilton to take place Monday evening at 8 in the Church of the Redeemer Mr and Mrs II Campbell left stout aweek ago to at tend several of the pre nuptial parties and the edding Mrs Campbell being sister of the bride The bride and 'Mt and 3Irs 4 Campbell in thte city last summer ana purs ustm AHoniK I refreshments were sersea were cnicriaineu a biuiL uvdi Mav ing the bi ide as maid of honor will be will meet in two weeks with Mrs May hew sister Miss Caiuwen hiss Sunderlin and Miss Caroline Rogers will act as bridesmaids and little Miss Eleonorc Gage will be flower maid Leslie Hamilton of Milwaukee Wis brother of the prospective groom will he best man and the ushers will be Messrs Bernard Tease Peter sher Ed Johnson and Taylor Melvihe Campbell will be ring bearer A large reception will be held after the cere mony at the new home of the bride ano groom 261 East ifty fourth street After a wedding trip Mr and Mrs Hamilton will return to Chicago to re side Mr Hamilton being engaged in the practice of law in that city They will receive after November 1 The Events the Social World Chronicled for I The Joumafs Readers Miss Ruby Sunderlin of this city and cd to Mrs Murray Tor the most 1 lirxrir hnnrk tn Mrs A EL Kratz for the I a Aztncnla tori Millinery Opening wish to aimounce "my display of fall millint ry for of this week My aim is to showl exclusive styles at popular prices MrsJlb Dillingham 20b Wash: Ave it Lobsters' and Scallops Just received another lot of live lob sters and fresh scailpps At the Elite Cafe' This street soutn teiv where they will visit I wjn close the dancing for the season going to their homes forchestra SAM SMITH HERE Congressman Interested in Acwn of Labor Meeting Congressman Samuil Smith of Pontiac sidd partner of CovWnur War ier is looking after his fences iiithls particularly anxious to know what our friends the ederation of La bor men said the congressman to the Journal late yesterday' He was not pleased when he learned that the ederation had repudiated the candi dacy of William Taft for president BIG AIR4 9 ELldS is iy Denyy Col oau: i hesk Scott is in Ann Arbor today on business i 2 ToJd of Dctyuit isjir Ihecity Anpbusiness 7 Clinton Nelson of Ann Abdr was Hansing night General Kidd of Ionia is in the city 'Harry Wood bf ParkinArkis yfijlt ing friends iii lhe city '7Mrs Leslie is spending a week with Mrs Pox son Grand avenue south of Battle' CrcelHs in the city on business today Dail has return from a three trip to MIckinac island Mr and Mrs Allan ot Vicks burg are visiting friends in the city Miss rances Sedina has gone for a few weeks with friends at Goshen Ind 7 Mrs Roy Palmer of Petoskey is spending a few days friends in the city Mrand Mrs Holmes are visit ing at Grand Rapids for a few days: Miss Gretchen Bowen of Saginaw is visiting friends in the city for a few days i Walter has gone to Michigan Gitv Ind on business for the state taxcomfnissibn 4 7 Drand Mrs AV Toles of Char lotte are spending the day wither and Mrs Toles Miss Mildred 'Barnes has gopc to Poughkeepsie where shcwill enter TVassar college Miss Irene Wolf of Chicago is the guest of Mr and Mrs Bert Groic ol Capitol avenue south i Mir and Mrs Brownell eanitol avenue riorth have returned from Chi cago where they a week George Sutliff has returned to his home Sycamore street north after spending afew days at Grand Rapids Miss lorence Jamieson of London Ont Who has been visiting friends in the city for softie time returned home yesterday Martin Roh who has been a guest of his daughter Mrs Karl Guenther street east returned to his home at Grand Rapids today Mr and Mrs? John I Mink Jof Che boygan arc spending severaPdhysin the city as the guest of A Searle Shiawassee street west Miss EyelynAxf Michigan avenue' west goe tonight to Berlin Ont where spend ten days at her home as the 'guest hei parents Mr 'and Mrs Parker of Law ler Iowa are guests at the home of Mrs Turner Alcgau street west and Mrs A Chapman Michigan avenue west Mr and Mrs Colligan pf Still water Minn are visiting at the home of I Morgan Townsend street Mr Colligan is' superintendent of the Minnesotapenitentiary ri xtr nii nn Tucker who have ben guests for a few days at the home of Mr and Mrs IL Gardner 1447 Jerome streetleft toddy for their home near Sandusky Ohio MrsTsabcl of Rising Sun Md and Mrs Monroe Buckley of Philadelphia who have bee visiting for the past week at the home oLMr and Edward Buckley Walnyt street south left today for Buffalo i Orchestra 3 fl ABt KILLEEN Will jBSume his Class inv Vocal Instruction ainER2S Lansiiig 2I Wwliiagteii 4mi SMtli 9 7 1 A 1 I I ft KITCHEN CABINETS RUG Have vou seen the new lines of Do you need a Room Size Rug? If Kitchen Cabinets we are showing? Sey you do and sec our line you will eral of them are in our ShowAViudow miss seeing the finest line of Rugs ever The prices start at $550 for a complete brought to Lansing Everyone ro Good and range up to $3000 We All are the Newest Patterns and the Prices Marked Very Low Kitchen Cabinets Come anct inspect We make a Specialty of High Grade the line: Rugs COUCHES DINING CHAIRS Yesterdav we unpacked a new lint? of When you( are ready to buy Dining Couches Some are upholstered jin 4 Chairs we would like to show Leather others in Velour and some in hue because we know that eau iaa Car Plush The prices on goods position to give have been marked to the very Lowest for Your Money Notch and certainly ai the greatest stock is a good one and built in they ery bargains vou ever saw for the money latest pattern of good material.

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