30 Apr

Cancel the festival 2020.

Dear friends and guests of Brest Bike Festival International!
With a heavy heart, we are forced to admit that 2020 Brest Bike Festival International should be canceled. Moving to other dates in 2020 is impossible for many reasons.
This decision was difficult for us, and until the last moment we believed that the situation with the pandemic in the world would be changed. We value the safety of our guests above all and in the current circumstances we cannot guarantee it.
Many European countries canceled all cultural events for 2020, and also prohibited tourists from visiting their countries even after quarantine will be lifted.
The BBFI’s motto, “A World Without Borders!”, must work fully. In the format of closed borders from all sides of the Republic of Belarus, the holding of the festival does not correspond to the main goals and values of the event. Brest Bike Festival International is an international festival and it should remain so!
We regret that we cannot organize a meeting of our friends at Brest Bike Festival International in 2020 in the official format, but Brest, its residents, motorcyclists and organizers are waiting for all of you in 2021, on the last weekend of May … nobody canceled the BBFI anniversary!
Stay safe and healthy!
Your BBFI Organizer Team.

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